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Season 5

27 Sep. 1968
Car for Sale
Sergeant Hacker siphons gas out of Sergeant Carters car so Carter thinks that the car is getting poor mileage and sells it to Hacker for a song.
4 Oct. 1968
Corporal Duke
Duke Slater comes back as a Corporal to run the platoon in Sergeant Carter's absence. The men see Slater as a buddy and take advantage of his kindness. Gomer rallies the troops to show Duke respect.
11 Oct. 1968
The Booty Prize
The 'Booty Prize' is an actual lead boot awarded to platoons to embarrass them for mistakes made. Gomer and Sergeants Carter and Hacker all get their foot stuck in it.
18 Oct. 1968
The Return of Monroe
Lou-Ann's old boyfriend, Monroe, returns again. Monroe tells Gomer a lie, that he is going to marry Lou-Ann and it breaks Gomers heart but lies can't stop true love.
25 Oct. 1968
Just Move Your Lips, Sergeant
Sergeant Carter forms a mens choir to be part of a movie but the Sergeants singing is terrible so he's told "just move your lips, Sergeant."
8 Nov. 1968
All You Need Is One Good Break
A beautiful stuntwoman defends herself against two thugs while being escorted by Gomer and Sgt. Carter, and they get the credit for protecting her.
15 Nov. 1968
A Marriage of Convenience
While Company D is in Hollywood to film a movie, a movie starlet with an expired Visa who is facing deportation first proposes marriage to Gomer who says no and then to Sergeant Carter who says yes.
22 Nov. 1968
A Star Is Not Born
Sergeant Carter and his platoon are cast in a Marine movie. While Gomer sings, Carter cannot deliver his lines correctly, leading to a different role.
29 Nov. 1968
Come Blow Your Top
Sergeant Hacker bets Sergeant Carter $50 that Carter can't go 24 hours without losing his temper. Then Hacker tries to sabotage Carter.
6 Dec. 1968
A Little Chicken Soup Wouldn't Hurt
Gomer meets an elderly lady whose son is trying to retire her but all she wants to do is cook and take care of others.
13 Dec. 1968
Gomer, the Perfect M.P.
Sergeant Carter puts Gomer on guard duty and orders him not to let anyone enter the base without identification, no exceptions. Then Gomer refuses the sergeant entry when Carter comes back for his forgotten wallet.
20 Dec. 1968
The Wild Bull Returns
General Cortez returns to Camp Henderson and challenges Sergeant Carter for the affections of Miss Bunny.
27 Dec. 1968
Hit and Write
Sergeant Carter hits a new car while parking and slightly scratches it. Gomer insists that the Sergeant leave a note. Then the new car turns up with a badly crashed fender which Carter is blamed for.
3 Jan. 1969
Two on the Bench
Sergeant Carter has trouble finding a ticket for a big football game but Gomer gets them bench passes from a player on the team that Gomer knew from Mayberry.
10 Jan. 1969
A Tattoo for Gomer
Duke draws on Gomers arm. Lou-Ann thinks it's a real tattoo; she hates it but doesn't tell Gomer thinking it's too late. Gomer hates it but goes to make it permanent thinking Lou-Ann likes it. She finds out just in time to stop him.
17 Jan. 1969
Sergeant Carter goes on a dating game, Gomer ends up pulled into the show as contestant #3 and wins. Both Miss Bunny and Lou-Ann are upset that their men went on a dating show.
24 Jan. 1969
Marriage, Sgt. Carter Style
Sergeant Carter tries to get Gomer to marry Lou-Ann instead of re-enlisting.
31 Jan. 1969
To Save a Life
Sergeant Carter saves Gomer from a live grenade that Gomer dropped during exercises and Gomer becomes a pest repaying the sergeant for the deed so Carter sets it up for Gomer to save his life. This is an obvious Mayberry rewrite.
7 Feb. 1969
Dynamite Diner
Gomer and Lou-Ann find a diner closed without customers and try to help them build business but the only thing the restaurant owners are interested in is robbing the bank next door through the basement wall.
14 Feb. 1969
Freddy's Friendly Computer
Fast Freddie is in the computer dating service although he doesn't have a computer. He sets Gomer up with a date.
21 Feb. 1969
Gomer Maneuvers
The Marines send Carter's and Hacker's platoons to maneuvers. Hacker tricks Gomer into giving the location of Carter's tents, so they have to move in the middle of the night. Carter accidentally raids a girl scout camp, due to faulty information from Pyle. Carter sends Pyle back to the base. Pyle is captured by Hacker, and then escapes. Pyle visits the girl scouts, Hacker's platoon raids. Carter platoon right behind them, capturing Hacker platoon. Hacker back at the base, pays the $50 lost the bet. A surprise twist at the end leaves Gomer smiling, and both Sargeants ...
28 Feb. 1969
Gomer Tends a Sick Cat
Miss Bunny has a sick cat but Gomer thinks the Sergeant is sick and dying. Gomer consults with Miss Bunny and then treats the Sergeant to warm milk and a ball with a bell.
7 Mar. 1969
I'm Always Chasing Gomers
Gomer gets stuck on Sergeant Carter's plane to Wichita without Carter knowing it; and then Carter keeps seeing Gomer everywhere he looks.
14 Mar. 1969
The Short Voyage Home
Gomer heads home with $1,600 to buy a gas station with his cousin Goober. Worried about pickpockets and con artists, Sergeant Carter goes with him.
21 Mar. 1969
Proxy Poppas
Gomer and Sergeant Carter help a fellow marine who's wife is having a baby.
28 Mar. 1969
Flower Power
Three hippies help Gomer camouflage a marine van, only they paint bright daisies on it instead.
4 Apr. 1969
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
Gomer finds a white rabbit, gives it to a General's son and the Sergeant lets it loose thinking Gomer is keeping an unauthorized bunny. The rabbit must be found and the search is on but there are many white rabbits on base.
18 Apr. 1969
Showtime with Sgt. Carol
Carol Burnett co-stars as a visiting Sergeant putting on a talent show at Camp Henderson. She wants Gomer to sing, Sergeant Carter says no until she uses her ladylike charm on him.
25 Apr. 1969
My Fair Sister
Sergeant Carter's sister arrives and the Sergeant is embarrassed by her looks so he gets her a make-over that just isn't her. Gomer talks her into going back to her old self and he takes her to a dance.
2 May 1969
Goodbye Camp Henderson, Hello Sergeant Carter
As the series ends Gomer requests a transfer to get out of Sergeant Carter's hair and the Sergeant kills the transfer.

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