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Season 5

16 Sep. 1968
Episode #5.1
Michael offers Jill a job as a nurse at the hospital. Following a quarrel, Carolyn and Jeff grow closer. Joe does not want Norman and Rita raising his daughter. Rodney is assigned to a new therapist, with whom he does not get along.
18 Sep. 1968
Episode #5.2
Mike makes clear to Tom that Jill lost her baby because of him. Shortly after, Tom announces his plans on divorcing Susan. Meanwhile, Norman fears that Betty will turn to Steven for comfort again. Carolyn finds out that her father is dating a young woman, Donna.
23 Sep. 1968
Episode #5.3
When Betty finds out that Norman is suspicious of her meetings with Steven, she gets mad at him for not trusting her. Tom lands a job as a fisherman. Marsha admits that she knew about Donna even before the divorce, and Carolyn thinks that her mother is the cause of the affair. Upon finding out that Tom has filed for divorce, Susan swears on claiming that he had an affair with Jill. Judge Chester reveals that the withdrawal of Jill's custody of Kelly had nothing to do with running out on the Winters.
25 Sep. 1968
Episode #5.4
Despite other claims, Rodney convinces himself that Betty does not want to be with him anymore. Carolyn confronts her father with his affair with Donna, and he is surprised that she is blaming her mother for it. Joe provokes a fight with Tom at the wharf.
30 Sep. 1968
Episode #5.5
Susan threatens to ruin Jill's life if Tom does not take her back. Joe refuses to admit that he still has feelings for Jill. Marsha makes clear to Carolyn that Fred is the cause for her divorce. Betty gets a job at the motorcycle shop. Dr. Miles wants Rodney to find the will to learn to walk again.
2 Oct. 1968
Episode #5.6
Joe realizes how bad his relationship with his daughter is. Steven makes an anonymous donation for Rodney's recovery costs. Due to the conflicts with her daughter, Marsha, feeling trapped, tries to break off her relationship with Michael.
7 Oct. 1968
Episode #5.7
Dr. Rossi is worried that Rodney is now driving himself to exhaustion. Tom refuses to continue his duties as a reverend. Harry's wife Alma suspects that their son does not want to return home. Marsha catches Carolyn and Jeff being intimate, which leads to a lecture about sex.
9 Oct. 1968
Episode #5.8
Michael tells Marsha that she can't let Carolyn break them up. Harry and Alma prepare for their son's arrival. Susan has another drunken rage. Joe bonds with Jill.
14 Oct. 1968
Episode #5.9
Harry and Alma's son Lew returns from New York. Jill fears that she has nothing to offer Kelly. Jeff, who believes that she set up their romantic night to get back at her mother, is still mad at Carolyn.
21 Oct. 1968
Episode #5.10
Susan changes the adultery charges to mental cruelty, and kisses Steven afterward. Carolyn interrogates Michael on his intentions with Marsha. Betty is upset to find out that Rodney went outside for the first time since his accident without her. Carolyn becomes jealous of Jeff's interest in singer Nancy.
23 Oct. 1968
Episode #5.11
Betty thinks her husband is punishing her for something. Harry is worried about how Lew has changed. Joe tells Jill that he wants to marry her. Carolyn is in love sorrow over Jeff.
28 Oct. 1968
Episode #5.12
As Joe is about to leave town, Jill comes in to reconcile with him. Michael feels that he has failed as a brother. Harry finds out that Lew has been cutting class. Rod becomes worried when he sees Betty talking with Steven in the hospital.
30 Oct. 1968
Episode #5.13
Joe and Jill are married and they regain custody of Kelly. Afterwards, they decide to leave town. Lew gets frequent calls from a woman in New York. Jeff tries unsuccessfully to make Carolyn jealous. With Jill gone, Susan reaches out for Tom.
6 Nov. 1968
Episode #5.14
Michael is upset that Rod has quit therapy, and thinks it has something to do with Betty and Steven. Marsha gives Carolyn a hard time over having forgotten a meeting with her. After cutting his hand at work, Tom is taken to the hospital.
11 Nov. 1968
Episode #5.15
When Alma confronts Lew with his strange behavior, he admits that he was moved by the horrible way black people are treated in New York. Steven tries to assure Rod with a hard approach that he is not involved with Betty, but tells him that he will if Rod does not continue his therapy. Afterwards, Rod refuses to see Betty.
13 Nov. 1968
Episode #5.16
Betty goes to Tom for advice on her marriage. Steven admits to Susan that he still loves Betty, and then kisses her. They are interrupted by a phone call from Hannah, who tells Steven that Martin Peyton has died. After a confrontation with Tom, Rod continues his therapy.
18 Nov. 1968
Episode #5.17
The townspeople are informed by Martin Peyton's death. Steven immediately sets his mind on the will. Betty is given a hard time over inheriting his money. Harry fears that Lew will throw away his future career in medicine. Michael sees Carolyn sneaking into Jeff's place.
20 Nov. 1968
Episode #5.18
Marsha fears that Caroyln is having sex with Jeff and is upset that Michael advises her not to interfere. Steven and Susan continue their affair. Lew discusses his racial identity struggle with Michael. Carolyn admits to her mother that she's still seeing Jeff, but that she is not sleeping with him.
25 Nov. 1968
Episode #5.19
Betty urges Rodney not to let Steven harm their marriage anymore. Lew withdraws from a school project. Carolyn is afraid to tell Marsha how serious her relationship with Jeff is, until Jeff upsets her. While Rod starts to regain feeling in his foot, Betty enjoys the heritage from Peyton. Marsha begs Fred to talk to Carolyn about her relationship with Jeff.
27 Nov. 1968
Episode #5.20
Betty shows her newly acquired power by arranging Peyton's funeral, which enrages Hannah. Fred talks to Carolyn about her relationship with Jeff. Harry gets mad at Lew for his constant racial remarks. Susan wants to conspire with Steven to hurt Betty.
4 Dec. 1968
Episode #5.21
After interrogating him on his relationship with Carolyn, Fred orders Jeff to stay away from his daughter. Norman is mad that Betty took Peyton's portrait of her and confronts Steven with it. Fred blames Marsha for Carolyn's rebellious behavior, and demands custody.
9 Dec. 1968
Episode #5.22
Lew poses as his father to make a phone call to New York. He asks about a comatose patient, E.J. Cunningham. Worried about losing custody, Marsha turns to Mike for advice. He, in turn, proposes to her. Jeff offers Carolyn for both to date other people. Norman admits to Rita that he thinks Betty is wrong for Rod.
11 Dec. 1968
Episode #5.23
Marsha tries to win over Carolyn's love. Harry is worried about the long distance call on his name. Following their fight over Betty, Rita leaves the apartment to stay at Ada's. Carolyn tells her father that she wants to live with him, until she finds him with Donna.
16 Dec. 1968
Episode #5.24
Carolyn returns from Boston and stays at her friend Pat. Rod prepares to leave the hospital. Norman continues to bicker with Betty over her portrait. Betty shows interest in buying the Peyton mansion from Steven.
18 Dec. 1968
Episode #5.25
Rod returns home. Rita refuses to go back to Norman until he agrees not to interfere with Betty and Rod. Michael convinces Marsha to not let Carolyn get in the way of her feelings. She listens and accepts his marriage proposal.
23 Dec. 1968
Episode #5.26
Michael and Marsha visit the Miles family for dinner. Susan tells Betty that she intends to live in the Peyton mansion after she marries Steven. Lew's girlfriend Joanne fears that he cheated on her in New York.
25 Dec. 1968
Episode #5.27
Harry finds out that Lew is making phone calls to a New York girl, but Lew refuses to speak about it. Meanwhile, Norman agrees to let Betty and Rod alone. Jeff becomes jealous when he sees Carolyn dancing with Dennis. Sgt. Walker is upset with how Lew treats Joanne.
30 Dec. 1968
Episode #5.28
Betty offers a high prize to buy the Peyton mansion, but Steven believes she is only interested in it to get in his way. Fred apologizes to Marsha for his past behavior and suggests that he wants to save their marriage.
1 Jan. 1969
Episode #5.29
Steven orders Susan to tell Rodney that Betty has been seeing him. Norman and Rita plot to find a man for Maggie, and decide on Eli. Marsha persuades Michael to elope. Vickie, Lew's friend from New York, arrives in town, announces her pregnancy, and tries to blackmail him into marrying her.
6 Jan. 1969
Episode #5.30
Steven has accepted Betty's offer. Vickie forces her way in Lew's life through threatening to lie about him to the police. Alma is surprised when Lew tells her that he will marry Vickie. Betty finds out that she has not inherited Peyton's estate and blames Steven.
8 Jan. 1969
Episode #5.31
During a fight with Betty, Rodney suffers a relapse and can't move anymore. Rita gives Maggie a make-over. Harry feels that Lew is throwing his life away by marrying Vickie and thinks that he doesn't love her. Norman blames Betty for Rod's condition.
15 Jan. 1969
Episode #5.32
It is revealed that Peyton's latest will demands that all money was sent to a foundation. Betty is enraged and blames Steven. Fred asks for Carolyn's help to win back Marsha's affection. Eli and Maggie's blind date goes wrong. Harry offers Vickie money to leave town.
20 Jan. 1969
Episode #5.33
Dr. Rossi tells Betty that Rodney has severe doubts about his marriage. Carolyn informs Marsha that Fred wants to reconcile with her. Harry refuses to accept that Lew is dropping out of high school.
22 Jan. 1969
Episode #5.34
After hearing about Rod's doubts, Betty turns to Tom for comfort. Rita pursues Norman to not interfere with Rod's problems. Mike invites Marsha to go on vacation with him to the Bahamas. Joanne is upset when she finds out about Vickie.
27 Jan. 1969
Episode #5.35
Following a confrontation with Norman about Betty, Rodney requests a separation from his wife. Harry consults police information about Lew from Sgt. Walker. Eli is able to break through Maggie's hostile attitude.
29 Jan. 1969
Episode #5.36
While Betty packs to leave the house, Rodney's ability to move returns. Alma wants Vickie to give up her baby for adoption. Steven informs Betty about news on Peyton's will. Lew is worried when Harry suddenly leaves for New York.
3 Feb. 1969
Episode #5.37
Lew tries to find out what went on between Harry and Sgt. Walker's conversation. Tom reminds Maggie of her late husband. Jeff is mad at Carolyn for meeting with other men. Fred feels that Carolyn is choosing Mike over him.
10 Feb. 1969
Episode #5.38
Betty tells Rodney that she can't live without him. Lew assures Vickie that he is going to come clean with his father as soon as he returns from New York. Jeff claims to Fred that Carolyn is seeing Lew. Rod wants to leave town for college.
17 Feb. 1969
Episode #5.39
Betty fears that Rodney will realize that he can live without her. Joanne is mad at Lew over Vickie. Marsha worries about how the town would react at a mixed relationship between two teens. Carolyn forces Jeff to tell Fred that he lied.
24 Feb. 1969
Episode #5.40
Betty changes her mind about going after Peyton's estate. Rod is determined to attend college without Betty. Maggie fears that she hurt Eli's feelings when she rejected him for ice fishing. Lew wants to stop hanging out with Carolyn due to their racial diversity.
3 Mar. 1969
Episode #5.41
Carolyn is upset that her father believes Jeff's lies about Lew. Lew confronts Jeff with his lies. Rodney prepares to leave for Boston, but assures Betty that there is always room for her, believing that they could have a future together.
10 Mar. 1969
Episode #5.42
Steven is surprised that Betty has gone with Rodney. Maggie discusses her ex-husband with Eli. Fred tells Dr. Miles that he does not want Carolyn and Lew to be involved with each other. Harry does not want to co-operate, which leads to a racial discussion.
17 Mar. 1969
Episode #5.43
When one of his patients suddenly opposes his treatment, Dr. Miles suspects that Fred has got something to do with it. Steven introduces Betty to Peyton's former nurse, miss Ivers. She reveals that Peyton had several wills.
24 Mar. 1969
Episode #5.44
Carolyn and Lew's so-called relationship is now the talk of the school. Marsha and Fred fight over Carolyn's situation. Mike asks Marsha to marry him that night and she accepts. Jeff tries to assure Fred that he lied before, but Fred is unwilling to listen. After Fred tries to stop Lew and Carolyn from entering school, he and Mike get into a heated argument that almost comes to blows.
31 Mar. 1969
Episode #5.45
After a public fight with Fred, Michael reveals that he will marry Marsha. Eli proposes to Maggie. Carolyn apologizes to her mother for not having trusted her in the past. Jennifers requests Betty's help to assure that Hannah won't inherit Peyton's money, though Betty is unaware that Jennifer is conspiring with Hannah.
7 Apr. 1969
Episode #5.46
While preparing to elope with Mike, Marsha is almost raped by Fred. Vickie apologizes to Lew for blackmailing him and grows closer to him. Steven is appalled to find out that Hannah continues to try and destroy Betty. Marsha and Sergeant Walker find Mike with an unconscious Fred.
14 Apr. 1969
Episode #5.47
Marsha finds Michael with Fred, who is passed out. Eli decides that he will not accept Maggie's rejection. Michael is worried that he can't revive Fred. Dr. Miles determines a severe injury in Fred's skull.
21 Apr. 1969
Episode #5.48
Steven advises Rossi not to give a statement to the police. Lew comes clean to Alma about the hit-and-run accident. Steven meets with the Asst. D.A., who's building a case against Rossi. A weakened Fred tells Marsha that Rossi is responsible for his condition.
28 Apr. 1969
Episode #5.49
Harry destroys the detective's report on Lew. Betty shows the house to prospective buyers. Steven tells Betty he'll be going after Peyton's will by himself. Marsha alerts Carolyn about the circumstances leading up to Fred's injury. Rossi breaks the news to Marsha and Sgt. Walker that Fred has died.
5 May 1969
Episode #5.50
Rossi is booked for Fred's murder. Marsha tries to comfort a grieving Carolyn. Sgt. Walker comes to question Norman and Rita.
12 May 1969
Episode #5.51
Rossi is denied bail. Maggie finally agrees to marry Eli. Susan confides in Tom with her misgivings about Steven taking Rossi's case. Carolyn visits Rossi in jail to tell him that she believes in his innocence.
19 May 1969
Episode #5.52
Steven meets with Marsha as he tries to build his defense strategy. Betty and Norman argue about Steven possibly inheriting Martin's estate. Marsha asks Tom to arrange Fred's funeral. Lew tries to confess to Harry, who refuses to listen.
26 May 1969
Episode #5.53
Dr. Rossi prepares for his hearing. After a conversation with Lew, Harry learns from Sgt. Walker that a man named Larry Burrows has implicated Lew and that he's wanted by the police. Susan has a breakdown in front of Tom and he slaps her. Rita tells Rossi she thinks she's pregnant.
2 Jun. 1969
Episode #5.54
Sgt. Walker, Marsha, Norman, Rita, Ada, Harry, and the proprietor of the motel take the stand in Rossi's hearing. The judge decides to bind Rossi over for trial. Meanwhile, Lew decides to comply with the police, and Susan, who may have had something to do with Fred's murder, plans to visit Rossi, who sits in his jail cell as the series ends.

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