Advance to the Rear (1964) Poster

Stella Stevens: Martha Lou Williams



  • Martha Lou : All right. Let's say, just for the moment, that I am a spy.

    Heath : A very pretty one too.

    Martha Lou : That would make us enemies, Jared.

    Heath : Yeah, of course it would. And, we'd be starting out at a point in marriage that takes some couples, twenty or thirty years to achieve.

  • Martha Lou : Well aren't you something? First you break into my cabin with that disgusting display of animal lust. Then you accuse me of being a spy. And now all of a sudden, I'm the only girl in the world for you.

    Heath : Well that's the way it goes sometimes.

  • Martha Lou : Do you always just stand calmly by when you see a lady being molested?

    Heath : Oh, you'd be surprised how few ladies I've seen molested. Matter of fact, the last time was about 7 years ago.

    Martha Lou : Well what did you do then?

    Heath : Well,,,,, I uh,,,, I walks over to her an asks if I could be of some assistance, and she just slaps my face, like you did to that fella there. Told me to mind my own business.

    Martha Lou : Oh.

    Heath : Then this fella she's with, he starts to workin' me over, and between the two of em', they convert me to mindin' my own business, once and for all.

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