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Alternate Versions

The original UK cinema version was heavily cut by the BBFC to edit lines of implied sexual dialogue, the killing of Juliana by the falcon, and scenes of burning people (including Alfredo in the ape costume), and to completely remove the entire black mass dream sequence. Video and DVD releases fully restore the BBFC cuts though the print used is an edited U.S version which misses some dialogue as well as a shot of Francesca being slapped across the face by one of Prospero's soldiers.
UK BBC transmissions include the dialogue and face-slapping missing from all DVD releases as well as a scene, running around 50 secs, in which Hop Toad tells the female dwarf that no one will ever hit her again.
The German Blu-ray restores some cuts of the MGM version. Jane Asher is kicked in the face by Vincent Price's guard while she is saying the sentence 'Mercy in the name of God'. In the MGM releases (including the DVDs and the US Blu-ray) the kick and '..of God' is missing. Around 20:30 Min. into the movie there is a scene where the camera zooms in on a black gate and then switches to a scene with Vincent Price going through the hall of his castle. The zoom is slightly longer on the German Blu-ray (most likely a frame cut in the MGM releases), thus in the next scene the music sets in immediately in the German Blu-ray whereas it takes almost two seconds in the MGM release. Also the German Blu-ray features the Francesca bathtub scene in its uncensored version as a deleted scene.

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