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Season 4

23 Sep. 1968
In Silent Battle
Audra is attracted to a handsome Civil War hero. Little does she know, he is a murderous psychopath haunted by delusions of what a woman should be.
30 Sep. 1968
They Called Her Delilah
A beautiful singer, once close to Jarrod, comes to Stockton to perform. The fact that she was a Confederate spy during the Civil War causes an uproar.
7 Oct. 1968
Presumed Dead
A lonely cattle rustler happens upon stagecoach accident and amnesia victim Victoria. He nurses her back to health and gives her an identity-that of his dead wife.
21 Oct. 1968
Run of the Cat
A bloodthirsty cougar is killing stock and mauls Nick. The Barkley's hire a professional to kill the cat but Nick can't resist the hunt.
28 Oct. 1968
Jarrod travels to Baker City to meet three Mexican businessmen on a land deal. Upon arriving he is told they have been there, not waited, and returned home. Jarrod slowly learns the truth of what happened.
11 Nov. 1968
The Jonah
The Barkley's hire a ranch hand who has the reputation of having bad luck follow him. After a series of mishaps and an angry disagreement about him being fired, there is a surprise in store for everyone.
18 Nov. 1968
Hell Hath No Fury
A female outlaw, who is also fond of playing poker, meets Heath during a card game. She becomes obsessed with him to the point of wanting to quickly marry and give up her "career".
25 Nov. 1968
The Long Ride
While in Highridge visiting a friend, Audra witnesses three murders and goes into shock. Victoria brings her back to Stockton via stagecoach and the trip home is a test of wills between the passengers and a mysterious stranger who follows the coach.
2 Dec. 1968
The Profit and the Lost
Heath risks his life and saves a man who is a notorious hired gunman. The irony is the killer has a contract to kill Heath, put out by a local rancher with a grudge.
9 Dec. 1968
A Stranger Everywhere
A shy dressmaker interests lawmen and outlaws alike when a journalist theorizes that she is an infamous bandit. Nick, who as a joke had started the rumor, finds himself defending her reputation - despite not knowing just what the truth is.
16 Dec. 1968
The Prize
While returning to the ranch with a horse he just purchased, Heath becomes side tracked and ends up taking home a baby after the mother dies. The father, an outlaw, eventually heads for the Barkley's to take custody-and into a bounty hunter's trap.
30 Dec. 1968
Hunter's Moon
A fanatically jealous rancher imprisons Nick and two other men. He believes one of them is his wife's lover. If no one confesses, they will all die.
6 Jan. 1969
Top of the Stairs
Passing through the town of Abbottsville on their way to a wedding, Victoria and Audra stop to see Victoria's brother-in-law. They are not allowed to see him and are told he is judged insane and sees no visitors - a suspicious Victoria investigates.
20 Jan. 1969
Joshua Watson
The once friendly annual rodeo between the Barkley and Morton ranches has become a nasty, win-at-all-costs event. An ex-slave "super cowboy" raises the stakes when he agrees to compete for the Barkleys.
27 Jan. 1969
The Secret
A wealthy rancher, and long time family friend, suddenly sets out to ruin the Barkley's. He has intense hatred of Jarrod, who he suspects is having an affair with his young wife.
3 Feb. 1969
The 25 Graves of Midas
25 men have died in a cave-in at the Dutton Mine, in which the Barkley's have a 40% interest. Heath, on his way to meet Nick and investigate the disaster, is badly wounded-and mistaken by the vengeful townspeople as an avenging mine payroll robber.
17 Feb. 1969
Despite being college educated, a Modoc Indian is given to angry outbursts as he imagines prejudice from any action of white people. With the whole town against the tribesman, Jarrod acts as his lawyer when he is accused of murdering a white man who had heckled him.
24 Feb. 1969
Alias Nellie Handley
Victoria poses as a thief in order to become an inmate and investigate conditions at a women's prison. Once in, she finds it is a miserable place and that she may never be able to leave.
3 Mar. 1969
The Royal Road
Jarrod is guardian to a rebellious teenage girl who becomes interested in a Prince visiting from India. The "Prince" has a heavy handed aide who arouses the suspicions of Heath when a local woman he knew is found murdered.
10 Mar. 1969
A Passage of Saints
Stern, religious people lease a Barkley farm. When townspeople discover the newcomers are Mormons who practice plural marriage, they plan to drive them out. Jarrod hides the truth as he attempts to mediate the situation.
24 Mar. 1969
The Battle of Mineral Springs
While returning to Stockton, Victoria and Jarrod stop in a town with outrageous prices for food, lodging and services. After finding out the people are bilking travelers to survive, the Barkley's decide to open a shipping business to save the town-despite opposition from a territorial "boss" with a rival freight company in the area.
31 Mar. 1969
The Other Face of Justice
Nick and Heath, on the trail of a gang of murderous raiders stealing horses in the Valley, enlist the help of the ex-sheriff of Stockton. The motivation behind his "help" proves interesting and totally unexpected-especially to the Barkley's.
7 Apr. 1969
Town of No Exit
Heath arrives in a dying desert town, only to find himself a visitor in a madhouse. His hosts are five deranged people who play bizarre and deadly games with their infrequent guests. Heath's role in their hellish fantasy: the accused--on trial for rape and murder.
21 Apr. 1969
Danger Road
An Englishman with a large gambling debt agrees to smuggle whiskey onto an Indian reservation to pay off his losses. Enroute he meets up with Victoria, on the way to the reservation with medical supplies, and they find the road there is full of unexpected surprises.
28 Apr. 1969
Flight from San Miguel
An old love of Heath's, who had jilted him five years before, convinces him to help get her Mexican husband to the U.S.. The husband is a Revolutionary wanted by the Federales - and a man with questionable motives.
19 May 1969
Point and Counterpoint
A dying prisoner asks his son to kill the two people whose testimony caused his death, a Stockton banker named Clark and Victoria Barkley. After Clark is murdered, Jarrod, unaware that Victoria is the next target, agrees to act as the son's lawyer when he is put on trial for murder.

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