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16 Sep. 1965
O.K. Crackerby Arrives
O.K. Crackerby arrives in Palm Beach and promptly purchases the Havenhurst Hotel (rechristened the Havenhurst Crackerby), following which Crackerby sets his mischievous mind (and mountains of money) to securing the services of St. John Quincy as tutor to his three children.
23 Sep. 1965
The Wellecliffe Story
What O.K. Crackerby wants he has means of getting. When Crackerby suspects a British dignitary of snubbing his invitation to an Oklahoma-style barbecue, Crackerby is ready to re-spark the Revolutionary War.
30 Sep. 1965
The Griffin Story
How do you tell the richest man in the world there's something his money can't buy? Crackerby is bound and determined to buy his son Hobart a pet Griffin.
7 Oct. 1965
Crackerby for Treasurer
Hobart runs for treasurer at his grammar school and conducts a campaign of Crackerby proportions.
14 Oct. 1965
Crackerby's Tutor
St. John Quincy's tutoring of the children is so successful that O.K. Crackerby finds himself feeling ignorant and uncouth, so he surreptitiously secures the services of his own private tutor.
21 Oct. 1965
The Saint John Raid
Crackerby's eccentric Oklahoma neighbor Aggie comes to Palm Beach and "hornswoggles" St. John away to come and tutor her "children": two beautiful blonde young women. Will the Crackerbys and Slim ever be able to woo him back?
28 Oct. 1965
Who Was That Lady You Saw Me With?
Crackerby falls for and romances Miss Belmont, a young and attractive society woman. Will St. John's suspicions that she is only interested in Crackerby's money prove true? And will St. John's warnings to Crackerby fall on deaf ears?
4 Nov. 1965
Woodman, Spare That Family Tree
When snobbish Huntington Hawthorne II forbids his son from attending "low-born" Cynthia's sweet 16 party, Crackerby sets to work shaking family trees and leveling the playing field.
11 Nov. 1965
No Deposit, No Return
An oil sheik gives Crackerby the gift of a harem girl and it flips his world upside down. To return her would dishonor the sheik and be a death sentence for the girl. Crackerby's conundrum calls for cleverness and country-style diplomacy.
18 Nov. 1965
Crackerby's Unfinished Symphony
When Aunt Penny's Palm Beach Philharmonic Society starts circling the drain, it's O.K. Crackerby to the rescue. But can even Crackerby and Slim secure the services of a symphony and a renowned conductor by Saturday night?
25 Nov. 1965
Ol' Sam
On a camping trip to the country Crackerby meets Ol' Sam, a philosophical fisherman enjoying the simple life. But could it be Crackerby who's biting the bait on Sam's hook?
2 Dec. 1965
Crackerby Stops the Press
A college bestows an honorary law degree on Crackerby, a ceremony to which the press gives mostly positive coverage, except for one lady gossip columnist, who threatens to expose him to ridicule for his hick background. Outraged, He intends on buying her newspaper just to fire her.
16 Dec. 1965
Bitter Ravioli
Crackerby and Co. head west to Hollywood to visit his recently acquired movie studio. Arriving amidst crisis, Crackerby must draw on his down-home Oklahoma know-how to try and bring back to earth a primadonna starlet smitten with an Italian playboy.
23 Dec. 1965
Smile and the World...
After seeing his doctor, Crackerby is advised that his blood pressure is dangerously high, and he must change his overall attitude to get it down to safe levels. He forces himself to change from angry and bullying to cheerful and easy-going, which puts a strain on him as well.
30 Dec. 1965
It's irresistible force meets immovable object when O.K. Crackerby seeks to join the Tarriers, the most exclusive gentlemen's club in the city, which hasn't accepted anyone since 1925 and boasts but three surviving members.
6 Jan. 1966
Operation Susan
Crackerby decides St. John and Susan's five-year courtship needs a "nudge" towards the altar. Final episode of the series.

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