Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) Poster

Vincent Price: Dr. Goldfoot



  • Dr. Goldfoot : Igor, you idiot, why must you listen to me when I'm WRONG?

  • Dr. Goldfoot : The eyes of Goldfoot are upon you.

  • Dr. Goldfoot : You know, Igor, I'm beginning to regret that I brought you back to life.

  • Dr. Goldfoot : Oh, that Number 11. I wish I had 12 of her!

  • Dr. Goldfoot : [to Igor]  Stop dinging that dong!

  • Dr. Goldfoot : [as he and Igor lead Craig and Todd to the dungeon]  The rooms I'm about to show you are the most interesting in my workshop. Oh, incidentally, these are some of my ancestors.

    Dr. Goldfoot : [Indicates various portrait paintings on the wall]  This was my great-grandfather - the most bloodthirsty pirate who was ever hung, drawn and quartered. And this one brought the terrors of the Inquisition to the peaceful villages of Carpathia - I like him! And this is Sandor the Slob. He was a Slav. He taught Attila the Hun everything he knew. Admirable character - strong family resemblance.

  • Dr. Goldfoot : [as Igor is monitoring Diane's activity with Craig on a closed circuit TV screen]  Igor!

    Igor : Yes, Dr. Goldfoot?

    Dr. Goldfoot : You bumbling idiot!

    Igor : I did something wrong?

    Dr. Goldfoot : "Something wrong?" - you sent her to the wrong man, that's what you did wrong.

    Igor : I did?

    Dr. Goldfoot : Yes! That's Craig Gamble, and he hasn't got a penny.

    Igor : But Dr. Goldfoot, I thought...

    Dr. Goldfoot : "You thought" - that's just the trouble. You leave the thinking to me, and we'll be much better off. Ha! Creating a lovely creature like that to waste her... "ammunition" on a, on a *pauper*! Fie on you! You're an idiot!

  • Dr. Goldfoot : You know, Igor, I'm beginning to regret that I brought you back to life.

    Igor : Why?

    Dr. Goldfoot : You're inept. Obtuse. Uncouth. Unlettered. Ungrateful. Uncooperative. Uncouth...

    Igor : You said "uncouth," Dr. Goldfoot.

    Dr. Goldfoot : ...and unnecessary. But then, that's what I get for... digging up a gravedigger.

    [pats Igor on the shoulder, as Igor hangs his head] 

  • Dr. Goldfoot : Chop-chop!

  • Dr. Goldfoot : [Igor has gotten locked in one of the cells in Dr. Goldfoot's dungeon]  You know, Igor, by rights I should put this beam through your worthless skull and leave you here to *rot*!

    Igor : But Doctor...

    Dr. Goldfoot : My empire, everything I've created is in jeopardy.

    Igor : Oh, no...

    Dr. Goldfoot : Oh, yes. We must stop them before they reach the authorities.

    Igor : I'll do my very best!

    Dr. Goldfoot : Oh, not *that*.

  • Diane : I won't forget it again, doctor.

    Dr. Goldfoot : No. I'm sure you won't, after you've been disciplined in the chair.

    Diane : Oh!

    Igor : Oh, no, doctor.

    Dr. Goldfoot : Oh, yes.

  • Dr. Goldfoot : Don't go gentlemen. I'd be offended if you didn't allow me a chance to offer you my hospitality. Oh, my machine. Perhaps that would interest you. Follow me. This is my machine, my bikini machine.

  • Dr. Goldfoot : Gentlemen, gentlemen, your wine, your wine. Château Frontenac 1947. Excellent vintage, don't you think? Well, here's to your health! May you still have it tomorrow.

  • Dr. Goldfoot : I warned you, Mr. Armstrong. Use your time well. You have very little left.

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