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Season 1

1 Oct. 1966
Bitter Blossom O'Brian
The Hanks call upon Chief Eagle Shadow to see if he knows the whereabouts of Timothy O'Brian's daughter, who was kidnapped by Indians at the age of 8.
8 Oct. 1966
Sir Richard of Wretched
The Hanks are taken in by the genteel manners of an English gentleman, not realizing that he is the mastermind behind a series of stagecoach hold-ups.
22 Oct. 1966
The Triangle
Orville Snipe, Grandma's first beau, rushes to her side when he hears of Grandpa's death - only Grandpa isn't that easy to kill.
29 Oct. 1966
A Wagonload of Wives
The men of Wretched are expecting Eastern women arriving to become their brides. But the town folk of Sorry Water abduct the ladies leading Henrietta to the rescue. But she also finds herself engaged after her attempt goes wrong.
19 Nov. 1966
Lookout Point
Courtney gets the Hanks family thrown in jail in another attempt to get control of their land. They plan a breakout to save their ranch but the sheriff is keeping a sharp eye on them.
3 Dec. 1966
Shootout at O'Day Corral
When the murderous Blanton brothers threaten to kill Sheriff Sikes, Lucy convinces Henrietta, Grandpa and Grandma to stay out of the conflict. Henrietta convinces Sikes to accept the assistance of fellow peace officers Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday; unfortunately those two gentlemen are sadly out of practice and unable to supply useful aid when the Sheriff is confronted at the O'Day Corral.
7 Jan. 1967
Daisy and the Gambler
Gunslinger Daisy Frogg arrives and sets her eye on Grandpa for romancing. Grandma refuses to step aside and has firm ideas on how to handle the situation.
4 Feb. 1967
Petrified Wretched
Three outlaws ride onto the Hanks ranch and take Lucy captive. Unlike the town folk the bad guys don't realize it's a bad idea to mess with the Hanks family but they quickly learn.
11 Feb. 1967
The Golden Fleece
Kenny Turner returns, convincing the Hanks family that he has turned honest as a land salesman. But he's figured out a new scam selling fake gold mines and Henrietta devises a way to expose his fraud.
25 Feb. 1967
The Taming of Sorry Water
When Hank and Grandma learn the nearby town of Sorry Water is overrun with outlaws, they head over to clear them out. They end up becoming prisoners leaving Grandpa to save the day.

 Season 1 

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