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The movie that spawned a genre.
A century ago on the low hills along the border between the southern states and turbulent Mexico, a mystery man appeared... a man with a sad, impenetrable face. Who was that man? What was his secret?
DJANGO - The title of a film you'll never forget!
Django. An audacious man of action, capable of a tender, hopeless love which could only last a day... But a day which was worth all eternity.
He was pitiless in revenge, quick to decide, and a master of every weapon... a man everybody would liked to have seen dead!
He killed for gold... He killed for his woman... He killed for himself!
Django! A new, ruthless, violent film! Featuring a great new star... Franco Nero! And a great supporting cast!
The Most Controversial and Sought-After Spaghetti Western Of Them All!

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