Fantastic Voyage (1966) Poster

Donald Pleasence: Dr. Michaels



  • [as the submarine enters the brain] 

    Dr. Duval : Yet all the suns that light the corridors of the universe shine dim before the blazing of a single thought...

    Grant : ...proclaiming in incandescent glory the myriad mind of Man.

    Dr. Michaels : Very poetic, gentlemen. Let me know when we pass the soul.

    Dr. Duval : The soul? The finite mind cannot comprehend infinity, and the soul, which comes from God, is infinite.

    Dr. Michaels : Yes, but our time isn't.

  • Grant : What happened?

    Capt. Bill Owens : Dr. Michaels... went berserk.

    Grant : Berserk nothing!

    Dr. Michaels : Grant, help! Get me out!

    Grant : [hands SCUBA gear to Owens]  Get this on, quick. If a window blows, we'll lose this air lock.

    Dr. Michaels : Grant, help. I'm trapped. Help me!

    [Grant struggles to free Michaels as he grows increasingly agitated] 

    Dr. Michaels : Can't get my... can't get my hands out. Get me out of here. My... my hands are trapped. Can't move... can't move my hands. I can't move my ha... move my hands. Can't move my hands! Get my out! Get me out of here!

    [as white corpuscles begins to envelop the submarine, Grant realizes its hopeless and turns to go, leaving Michaels trapped] 

    Dr. Michaels : Get me out! Get me out!

    [screams as he's enveloped by the corpuscles] 

  • Cora : Listen, the heart.

    Dr. Michaels : Yes, it's slowed down a great deal.

    Grant : It sounds like heavy artillery.

    Dr. Michaels : It throws down quite a barrage. Over 40 million beats in a year.

    Dr. Duval : And every beat separates a man from eternity.

  • Dr. Michaels : I wouldn't call it a miracle. It's just an interchange of gases.

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