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Very Classy 'B' Movie.
Shilpot712 January 2011
One night, a notorious cat burglar, just out of prison, is driving through the woods of suburban Surrey, surveying a grand property for a future heist, when he's hailed down by a young woman who has missed the local late night bus.

He drives her back to London and then pursues her.

Judy Dench plays the young woman, Joanne, a gentle, single parent of a boy, born out of wedlock (in the days when this was still a social issue). Her son attends a local orphanage where she helps out in exchange for his education. Peter Rayston, played by Tom Bell, is the handsome, edgy criminal with a kind heart who pursues her.

Initially, Joanne, is reluctant to get involved with this man who tries to woo her with his stolen fortune. Then she falls for him and the love story begins.

Shot in black & white and much of it at night. This is both a crime drama and a sensitive tale of a love in spite of itself. The film isn't quite a classic, more a classy B movie, but the cast are superb and its gentle message is memorable and effectively told.

Made just before London really started swinging, shot in a very grainy black & white, it would have already looked old fashioned by 1967. But it is still well worthy of a DVD release.
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Notable for the chance to see two great veteran actors when they were young and beautiful
morrowmmm18 June 2001
A tale of a master thief and his attraction to a young and somewhat naive girl. Girl tries to change his ways but to no avail. Notable for the youthful appearances of two great actors. At this time Tom Bell was much better known than Judi Dench. Good acting in an indifferent story but good shots of a Maserati when this marque was in its heyday.(Mistrale)
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not a classic thriller Warning: Spoilers
"He who gets a tiger" isn't a classic thriller, the main character (played by extraordinary Tom Bell) is a thief with a complex personality, sometimes tender (close to children but for special reason), sometimes violently frightening, always in search of difficulty. Director Charles Crichton, mostly known for his comedies, had already directed two thrillers with kids, the great "Rapt" (1951) and "The third secret" (1964).
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