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1 Jun. 1968
After resigning, a secret agent finds himself trapped in a bizarre prison known only as The Village.
17 Aug. 1968
Inspired by a large chess game with people taking the place of the game pieces, Number Six formulates a new escape plan with some compatriots.
7 Jan. 1968
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
With his mind transferred to another body, Number Six wakes up in his London flat and can't convince his colleagues who he is. He takes off to Austria to find the one man who can help him, the person whom Number Two wants him to find.
18 Jan. 1968
The Girl Who Was Death
Back in London, Number Six is trying to track down a crazed scientist who is protected by his homicidal daughter.
25 Jan. 1968
Once Upon a Time
Because all other attempts to break Number Six have failed, Number Two decides to engage him in a game where one of them will end up dead.
1 Feb. 1968
Fall Out
After witnessing the trials of Number Two and Number Forty-Eight and meeting the President of the Assembly, Number Six escapes during the chaos that follows.

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