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9 Sep. 1967
The Power of Dr. Octopus/Sub-Zero for Spidey
Out in the countryside, Peter escapes an accident with the help of his Spider-Man disguise, but discovers a cave, with Dr.Octopus in charge of some power machines due to rule the World. Doc Ock captures Spidey, then Miss Brant who happened to be in the area. The villain is keeping both prisoners as witnesses for his demonstration of power...
16 Sep. 1967
Where Crawls the Lizard/Electro the Human Lightning Bolt
Spider-Man faces Electro, a man capable to shoot lightning rods with his hand and traveling on electric lines to go to his next heist.
23 Sep. 1967
The Menace of Mysterio
After framing Spider-Man, Mysterio offers to kill the superhero for J. Jonah Jameson for a fee.
30 Sep. 1967
The Sky Is Falling/Captured by J. Jonah Jameson
Spider-Man fights the Vulture who is controlling a massive flock of birds. In the second segment, the Daily Bugle publisher hunts Spider-Man with a remote-controlled robot.
7 Oct. 1967
Never Step on a Scorpion/Sands of Crime
The Scorpion, a super-human creation designed to vanquish Spider-Man, has a lethal sting in his tail and he's ready to sting J. Jonah Jameson. The Sandman heists the priceless Goliath Diamond and Spider-Man is the fall guy for the crime.
14 Oct. 1967
Diet of Destruction/The Witching Hour
The Green Goblin tries to make a pact with J.Jonah Jameson in order to catch Spider-Man. However, Spidey must beware of his foe's witching powers.
21 Oct. 1967
The Kilowatt Kaper/The Peril of Parafino
Escaped from jail, Electro is trying to find, then trap Spiderman for revenge.
28 Oct. 1967
Horn of the Rhino
A bad case of the common cold complicates Spider-Man's efforts to stop The Rhino from stealing the components of a secret weapon.
4 Nov. 1967
The One-Eyed Idol/Fifth Avenue Phantom
An exotic African idol is used to hypnotize Jameson into embezzling for a villain. A mysterious hooded figure is using robotic store mannequins to commit robberies.
11 Nov. 1967
The Revenge of Dr. Magneto/The Sinister Prime Minister
Spider-Man must stop a magnetism wielding mad scientist. Spidey must rescue a foreign prime minister that only he knows is kidnapped by an imposter.
18 Nov. 1967
The Night of the Villains/Here Comes Trubble
A series of heists are made by mythical creatures, ruled by a woman who holds a library. Spider-Man must put a stop to this before it goes too far...
25 Nov. 1967
Spider-Man Meets Dr. Noah Boddy/The Fantastic Fakir
A fakir is giving a hard time to Spider-Man, especially that he is a clever magician who can send spells to animals to attack the hero.
2 Dec. 1967
Return of the Flying Dutchman/Farewell Performance
Trying to foil a mystery keeping the demolition of a playhouse, Spider-Man meets Blackwell the Magician who, behind his mischievous tricks, has a message to say to him...
9 Dec. 1967
The Golden Rhino/Blueprint for Crime
The Rhino sets a gold standard for his crime spree - by creating a statue of himself. Then, a mastermind uses a cow-boy and a thug to find blueprints to destroy New York. It's up to Spider-Man to foil and neutralize their evil plan.
16 Dec. 1967
The Spider and the Fly/The Slippery Dr. Von Schlick
Spider-Man must stop a couple of former clever circus acrobats, dressed in dark, specialized in robbing big bank safes...
23 Dec. 1967
The Vulture's Prey/The Dark Terrors
In order to do a final battle with Spider-Man, the Vulture abducts J.Jonah Jameson and puts him next to a revolving pendulum. It's up to Spidey to stop the Vulture, otherwise his other nemesis Jamieson ends up in two halves.
30 Dec. 1967
The Terrible Triumph of Dr. Octopus/Magic Malice
Doc Ock steals a device in order to rule the world. Spider-Man must do something to keep this evil mastermind to achieve his dreadful threat.
6 Jan. 1968
Fountain of Terror/Fiddler on the Loose
Spider-Man is back in Florida, where he must find the secret behind an old Spanish Fort, guarded by some would-be Conquistadors.
13 Jan. 1968
To Catch a Spider/Double Identity
Dr Noah Boddy releases Electro, the Green Goblin and the Vulture to confront Spider-Man in a series of showdowns. Then, a Chameleon-like criminal eludes police and Spider-Man alike.
20 Jan. 1968
Sting of the Scorpion/Trick or Treachery
The Flys, a.k.a. the Patterson Twins, are paroled and freed. However, Spider-Man does not believe this and for a reason: they are framing him for all the heists they've done. It's up to Spidey to catch them in their act.

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