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4 Jan. 1969
Spiderman Meets Skyboy
Jan Caldwell, the son of famed a scientist dons his father's powerful astro-helmet and joins forces with Spider-Man to combat the crazed Doctor Zap.
11 Jan. 1969
Cold Storage
Two jewel thieves are caught in the act by Spidey after robbing a jewelry store at midnight. They are trying to mix the jewels with ice & then smuggle them out of the country. One of the thieves - known as Dr. Cool - manipulates his trick cane, rendering Spidey unconscious. The henchman ties Spidey up & places him in a deep freeze, then turns the temperature to absolute zero! Spidey is unable to free himself before the cold takes over, and he awakes to find the city in ruins & inhabited by cavemen, who attack him. Fleeing from them, he finds himself attacked by a ...
18 Jan. 1969
To Cage a Spider
Spider-man is in Jail. He agrees to help a group of inmates stage a prison breakout. While escaping things are not going to plan around them and the numbers start to dwindle.

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