The Happiest Millionaire (1967) Poster

Gladys Cooper: Aunt Mary


  • [Mr. Biddle has challenged the visiting Marines to a boxing match] 

    Aunt Mary Drexel : It looks as though Anthony might learn an interesting lesson this evening. I'm half tempted to go out there and watch.

    Mrs. Cordelia Biddle : Aunt Mary! You forget that Anthony has boxed with champions.

    Aunt Mary Drexel : But they were friends, Cordelia, and professionals. These men are not friends, and there is nothing so dangerous as the inspired amateur.

  • Mrs. Duke : [singing]  There are those whose social standing is constantly demanding. Every single thing we do, the public knows... Then there is a lower strata, where propriety doesn't matter. I suppose, there are those, there are those.

    Aunt Mary Drexel : [singing]  There are those to whom position is a natural born condition, to be worn with ease like comfortable old clothes. Though the nouveau riche deny it, all their money cannot buy it! Class will out. Goodness knows, but there are those.

    Mrs. Duke : There are those who grace the pages of the blue book.

    Aunt Mary Drexel : Never heard of it. Is it a new book?

    Mrs. Duke : Simply anybody who *is* anybody is listed.

    Aunt Mary Drexel : Oh, you mean the New York telephone directory.

  • Anthony J. Drexel Biddle : [after George bites him]  I don't know what got into him.

    Aunt Mary Drexel : Quite obviously, your finger got into him.

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