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Ben Harris: [Thinking to himself] Up at seven, brush your teeth, wash your face, out of the house, into the subway, off to work... Imbeciles. Sheep! Baa, baa, baa, baa, baa, baa, baa sheep!

[Peter comes up behind him and grabs him around the shoulder]

Pete Copolla: Hi.

Ben Harris: Hi.

Pete Copolla: How you doin'?

Ben Harris: So-so. You?

Pete Copolla: OK, OK. So, how's the little lady?

Ben Harris: What little lady?

Pete Copolla: Your wife.

Ben Harris: No wife. I don't have a wife.

Pete Copolla: You sure?

Ben Harris: Sure, I'm sure! If I had a wife, she'd be living with me, wouldn't she?

Pete Copolla: OK, don't take offense, Jaime.

Ben Harris: 'Jaime'? What Jaime?

Pete Copolla: Your name isn't Jaime Schultz?

Ben Harris: This is incredible! It's really incredible!

Pete Copolla: Jeez, I could have sworn! What's your name?

Ben Harris: None of your damn business. I've been seeing you for twelve years. You still don't know my name. You don't even know if I'm married or not. Alright, Arnie Greenfield, I got your number.

Pete Copolla: 'Arnie Greenfield'? Hey, what are you talkin' about? My name's Peter Copolla!

[Ben walks away disdainfully. Peter runs across the street after him]

Pete Copolla: Hey!

[He whistles]

Pete Copolla: My name's Peter Copolla!

[He continues whistling and chasing after him, into a revolving door, but doesn't catch him. Ben emerges wearing his postman outfit]

Ben Harris: [to himself] 'Jaime Schultz'! Twelve years on the job and I'm Jaime Schultz! Anonymous, unknown, dehumanized by the processes of a mechanized society, brushed aside like a cockroach.

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Leo: You know how I feel about your wife, don't you, Jerry?

Jerry: Take her, she's yours.

Leo: I'm serious.

Jerry: So am I.

Leo: Will you take Doris?

Jerry: Do I have to?

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