Valley of the Dolls (1967) Poster

Barbara Parkins: Anne Welles



  • Anne Welles : [First lines]  You've got to climb Mount Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls. It's a brutal climb to reach that peak. You stand there. Waiting for the rush of exhilaration; but, it doesn't come. You're alone and the feeling of loneliness is overpowering.

  • Anne Welles : Neely, you know it's bad to take liquor with those pills.

    Neely O'Hara : They work faster.

  • Lyon Burke : Do you realize, Miss Wells, that you are the most beautiful girl that ever left lipstick in my office?

    Anne Welles : You like women, don't you?

    Lyon Burke : I like career girls. We're compatible.

    Anne Welles : There's a rumor they don't make very good wives.

    Lyon Burke : Well, I'm not looking for a wife.

    Anne Welles : You're fortunate you know yourself. I don't know who I am, or what I want.

  • Henry Bellamy : Some days you'll have to work until midnight, having dinner with me and a prospective client. Now, I'll drink too much and won't remember a damn word the next morning. You'll have but one sherry and will remember everything.

    Anne Welles : I have an excellent memory and I love sherry.

  • Miss Steinberg : How's your shorthand?

    Anne Welles : Weak; but, I type 60 words a minute.

  • Helen Lawson : You! Go back to the office and tell that son-of-a-bitch to get off his butt and earn his oats.

    Anne Welles : But, Miss Lawson, you haven't finished signing the contracts?

    Helen Lawson : And I don't - intend to! Not until Bellamy ties a can to that little broad's tail.

  • Lyon Burke : Tell me, why are you dismissing us so soon?

    Anne Welles : Because I think show business is cruel.

    Lyon Burke : Well, you're quite right. Oh, have a seat.

    Anne Welles : People do despicable things.

    Lyon Burke : Yes, the certainly do.

  • Anne Welles : Are you wooing me, Mr. Burke?

    Lyon Burke : If you wish to be wooed.

  • Kevin Gillmore : The girl will be identified with Gillian products, exclusively. I will start her off at 300 dollars a week.

    Henry Bellamy : Gillmore, that's sabotage!

    Anne Welles : It's also very tempting.

  • Anne Welles : I used to pretend - you going bald and fat.

    Lyon Burke : I used to picture you with a sink full of dishes and a baby tugging at your skirt.

  • Neely O'Hara : What am I going to do?

    Lyon Burke : Anne and I want you to go to a sanitarium, in Los Angeles.

    Neely O'Hara : A nuthouse.

    Anne Welles : No. Its the same place that Tony is in.

    Neely O'Hara : Anne, I'm not nutty. I am just hooked on dolls!

  • Jennifer North : Tomorrow they have to perform a mastectomy. The doctor says it's not the end of the world. He says lots of women live long and happy lives after successful breast surgery. The point is to catch it in time.

    Anne Welles : I'm sure they will, Jen. Afterwards you can come to the beach with us and recuperate.

  • Anne Welles : You were thinking of marriage?

    Lyon Burke : Well, you know how I feel about that.

    Anne Welles : When you fall in love, you belong to someone else.

    Lyon Burke : We've gone through this before.

    Anne Welles : Well, how do you think I feel sneaking out of your apartment at four o'clock in the morning?

    Lyon Burke : But you don't have to sneak.

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