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Season 1

26 Sep. 1968
Sayanora Dagwood
Dagwood is unhappy when Dithers takes credit for his work. Bumstead doesn't tell Blondie why his behavior has altered and the wife suspects an affair. Things are soon a mess in the Bumstead household.
3 Oct. 1968
My Camp Runneth Over
The Bumstead family is looking forward to an outdoor when Mr. Dither invite himself and spouse along. Dagwood finds himself unable to relax with his boss around and the entire family finds themselves catering to the Dithers couple.
10 Oct. 1968
Flower Child
Blondie is tasked with selling the 2nd car and when some beatniks act interested Blondie feels dowdy. Blondie decides to wear hippie clothes to clinch the transaction but Dagwood is not pleased over the transformation.
17 Oct. 1968
The Gladiators
Dagwood feels out of shape and after a pointed remark by Mr. Dithers Bumstead decides to exercise. But the routine he chooses causes troubles at the house and for Dagwood specifically.
31 Oct. 1968
Angel in Disguise
Dagwood borrows Alexander's scooter, encountering a biker gang while using it. The cyclists like the cautious Dagwood and make him a mascot. Bumstead tries to end his new friendships without hurting any feelings.
7 Nov. 1968
Dithers' Damned Dog
The Bumsteads agree to watch the the pampered pooch of Dagwood's boss Mr. Dithers. But the canine disappears under their care and Dagwood begins a frantic search, fearing for his job if the dog stays lost.
14 Nov. 1968
Dagwood the Wheeler Dealer
Dagwood is in charge while boss Dithers is vacationing. Things are fine until a client comes in with a multi-million dollar deal and a quick decision must be made. Blondie tries to assist her husband in his quandary.
21 Nov. 1968
Blondie's Good Citizen
Dagwood witnesses a hit and run accident, reporting the license tag of the fleeing car. Bumstead learns the vehicle belongs to Mrs. Dithers and he's afraid he'll be fired when his boss learns of Dagwood's involvement.
12 Dec. 1968
Marriage Menders
Mr. and Mrs. Dithers have an argument so J.C. avails himself of Bumstead's reluctant hospitality. But Dithers unending demands soon have Dagwood and Blondie exasperated. They conspire to reconcile the fighting couple.
19 Dec. 1968
Blondie's Masquerade
Blondie glues on a fake beard in response to a practical joke of J.C. and Dagwood. But when Blondie tries to remove the hair the adhesive holds fast and Blondie resigns herself to facial adornment .
26 Dec. 1968
Once Upon a Guru
Mr. Dither's nephew David comes to work and Dagwood is afraid he'll lose his job to the young man. But David is more attuned to the hippie lifestyle than the buttoned up corporate world.
9 Jan. 1969
Pick on Someone Your Own Size
Dagwood and Alexander are victims of bullies from the same family, the Colbys. Dagwood thinks the solution is to take classes in sle defense so he enrolls In karate. Things turn out unexpectedly.
Run Buddy, Run
Dagwood is persuaded to dress up as a giant rabbit for a party Mrs. Dithers is giving.

 Season 1 

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