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Season 9

2 Oct. 1977
Wake-Up Walmington
His Lordship's butler Perkins makes Captain Mainwaring lose a shooting bet by telling them to stop target practice while his master is asleep. Captain Mainwaring agrees with the platoon's bitter rival warden Hodges that their contribution to the war effort needs more local respect. He accepts a suggestion to simulate a fifth column attack together. The Colonel at HQ reluctantly allows "Operation Wake-Up" so they all dress up as cutthroats and desperadoes. After being ignored by an active army column and three equally shifty-suited men, their only comfort is that ...
9 Oct. 1977
The Making of Private Pike
Captain Mainwaring's reservations to accept the 'non-combatant' role of umpire in maneuver exercises (as deputy for the Home Guard colonel) quickly disappear when he learns the job comes with a non-assigned staff car. His platoon might be allowed to keep this car, but he makes the mistake of bragging in advance it would be some sort of limousine, so the less grand model gets him generally laughed at. Next Jones' remarks about military car seating etiquette starts an unmusical dance of chairs in it. Pike's eagerness to be allowed in it as runner and general boyish ...
16 Oct. 1977
Knights of Madness
As part of a fund-raising pageant the Home Guard decides to put on a patriotic version of St. George and the dragon, with the dragon representing Naziism. Mainwaring is St. George in a suit of armour that causes him no end of trouble but, come the big day, they discover that Hodges and the air raid wardens are also staging a tableau of George and the dragon, which leads to an inevitable fight.
23 Oct. 1977
The Miser's Hoard
Doctor McCeavedy, who signals undertaker Frazer deaths, accidentally discovers his life savings, hundreds of sovereigns, and tells Mainwaring the scrooge should be persuaded to put the fortune in safety. The captain's lecture on money in wartime, after Jones' ludicrous demonstration of fixing bayonets while wearing a gas mask, fails to secure the banker a fat annuity commission, he's even called not trustworthy. However the rumor soon spreads, so after half of Walmington beleaguers Frazer in vain for generosity that never comes, he misses his first parade ever to '...
30 Oct. 1977
Number Engaged
Captain Mainwaring gives a 'top secret lecture on the coastal defense warning system his platoon will guard for a weekend, only to learn even the warden knows. Trouble with Jones' van makes them late to relieve regular troops; they set up camp and have porridge in their bumbling fashion. After a nightly air raid, the vicar comes to say mass. Only then do they see a German bomb, caught in the very wires they guard. Getting it down is a job the GPO turns down, but Mainwaring and other old-timers volunteer themselves, all failing, while wisely reluctant Frank is forced ...
6 Nov. 1977
Never Too Old
At long last Corporal Jones is marrying Mildred Fox. He asks Mainwaring's permission as his commanding officer, which involves the captain being caught over the phone by his wife having coffee with Mrs. Fox and viewing her smalls on the clothes-horse. The nuptials go ahead - with a jam sponge beneath the exotic fake wedding cake - but the platoon are summoned to the promenade where eventually the new Mrs. Jones joins them and everyone drinks a health to the Home Guard.

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