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Season 3

25 Sep. 1969
Saturday Night in Venice
In Venice, Al is poisoned by a beautiful Soviet agent, and she tells him he has less than 48 hours to return the item he stole or he won't get the antidote.
2 Oct. 1969
Who'll Bid Two Million Dollars?
Al is sent to Porto Ercolle to recover stolen Plutonium, and is mistaken for someone named George.
9 Oct. 1969
The Beautiful People
The enemy agent impersonates the captured SIA chief to trick Mundy into locating a defecting Soviet.
16 Oct. 1969
The Great Casino Caper
Alex's latest assignment is to rob a casino that is passing counterfeit money. But he doesn't think he can do it on his own. He says he needs the help of the best thief of all time, his father. So he has to try and convince his father to do so.
23 Oct. 1969
Flowers from Alexander
Beautiful SIA agent Lorrie James is in trouble and running for her life. She holds documents of vital importance that must be delivered to Rome within two days. While shopping in a market, Al and Lorrie meet and she passes the information to him without him understanding what she has given him. Later they meet and she explains her situation and the urgency of her mission. She begs Al to help her. In spite of Al's complaints and concerns, Lorrie convinces him to help her get the documents to Rome.
30 Oct. 1969
The Blue, Blue Danube
Mundy is sent in to bring back William Dover, an SIA executive, so the SIA won't have to kill him. So, Al goes undercover as a ballet expert, seeking to break a catatonic Dover out of the hospital, but the bad guys are on to him.
6 Nov. 1969
The Three Virgins of Rome
Al Mundy is sent to foil the heist of some very public paintings when he runs into that other Mundy, a well-known art thief. For spice, add one beautiful agent, one crooked benefactor, and one very smart cop,
13 Nov. 1969
Payoff in the Piazza
Al's mission is interrupted by a mysterious group of royal Asian refugees fleeing a coup. Beautiful, pesky Charlie Brown keeps trying to get a piece of the action. Can Al save the queen, foil the coup, and get the girl?
20 Nov. 1969
The King of Thieves
On a romantic evening with Al, a US senator's daughter is kidnapped in Rome and Al is slugged, resulting in Al's foggy memory of the event.
27 Nov. 1969
A Friend in Deed
Al's friend Guido fingers him as the one who stole the Ceresian file, which contains records of the Italian brotherhood. Guido stole it to trade for US citizenship and needs Al to get him out of a tight spot.
4 Dec. 1969
The Second Time Around
Al and his dad take on Eric the Red for the last time.
11 Dec. 1969
The Old Who Came in from the Spy
Mundy and a retired British spy team up to smuggle a microdot out of an East Berlin museum.
18 Dec. 1969
To Lure a Man
Al and his date are held hostage in his apartment by enemy foreign agents who want to abduct SIA chief Jacks. Devon has to decipher the clue Al drops on the phone.
25 Dec. 1969
The Scorpio Drop
A computer micro module stolen from the U.S. Department of Defense has landed in the hands of a group practicing astrological occultism. Al poses as a practitioner and gets invited to the group's home for their solstice festivities.
15 Jan. 1970
Nice Girls Marry Stockbrokers
SIA agent Yvonne works at Paul Trion's fashion house. Trion is involved in espionage. Yvonne's roommate Sharon meets Al at the airport. Yvonne is murdered at work. Sharon has Al pose as her fiancé and helps him find Paul's secret codebook.
19 Jan. 1970
The Steal-Driving Man
Al Mundy has to learn how to drive a Formula I car in a day to enter a Grand Prix as a rookie in order to provide cover to steal incriminating documents.
26 Jan. 1970
Touch of Magic
Al's old Friend, Bessie, has fallen on hard times, Al helps her recover her belief in herself as a thief.
2 Feb. 1970
Fortune City
Al and Mona, driving from Vegas to Los Angeles, are involved in a minor accident. When Al awakens with a minor head injury, he finds himself in an abandoned Old-West town and Mona is nowhere to be seen. Harvey, apparently the town's only resident, tries to convince Al he was alone in the car.
9 Feb. 1970
Situation Red
An Air Force Major, the chief of security, has an paranoid reaction to a prescription drug and takes over the Command Center during a bomber drill. Al is called in to extract him from the locked President's bunker before he starts World War III.
23 Feb. 1970
To Sing a Song of Murder
Musicians, (Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis, Jr, Florence LaRue, Ron Townson, Lamonte McLemore-members of The 5th Dimension), become involved in a devious political plot.
2 Mar. 1970
The Suzie Simone Caper
A Nazi diary reveals that a painting by Matisse has a hidden list of Nazi war criminals. Wally calls Al to steal the painting, which is protected by a sophisticated security system.
9 Mar. 1970
An Evening with Alistair Mundy
At the kings request Al and his dad try to steal his daughter.
16 Mar. 1970
Beyond a Treasonable Doubt
Al is accused of treason, and he must determine who is behind the frame job while under a shoot-to-kill order.
23 Mar. 1970
Project "X"
Alex's latest assignment is to escort a scientist who is traveling with four other scientists to an important conference. It seems like the scientist asked for Alex to accompany him because he thinks that Alex's skills could be useful. But while they're in flight some of the scientists and the crew are being killed off. That's when a film is played that says they're going to try and save the planet for man destroying it. So Alex, the scientist and a flight attendant he knows tries to find out how they are doing this and how to stop them.

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