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6 Jan. 1969
New Couple in Town
The town is a buzz when news spreads that a new couple have moved into the area. The town is further intrigued when they discover one of the couple is a writer. But as is always in Mayberry, nothing is ever what it seems.
13 Jan. 1969
Aunt Bee's Cruise: Part 1
After a conversation with Mike, Aunt Bee realizes it is time for the ship cruise she's always wanted. The town get wrapped up in her preparations and see it as a chance for her to land a man.
20 Jan. 1969
Aunt Bee's Cruise: Part 2
Aunt Bee arrives home from her cruise with the exciting new she is engaged to be married to the captain of the ship she was on. Some of the townsfolk express concerns about the captains real motivation.
27 Jan. 1969
Driver Education
The local school decides to institute a new driver education program. Everyone in the town council is very supportive, however the question of who will teach the students creates some interesting problems.
3 Feb. 1969
Howard's Hobby
Howard's developing relationship with Grace leads him to want to explore her hobbies and interests. Unfortunately her choice of interests may challenge Howard on every level.
10 Feb. 1969
The Camper
Sam and the other adults in the town decide to invite their children on a camping trip to show them the value of friendship after a number of the children have a falling out.
17 Feb. 1969
Sam, the Expert Farmer
Sam is concerned his string bean crop has turned out very poorly. He becomes more concerned when Millie grows the same vegetable with far better results.
24 Feb. 1969
The Pet Shop
A new pet shop opens in Mayberry and Mike is all fired up to purchase a new Dog. Sam vetoes the idea based on previous previous experience with pets. Mike sets out to prove him wrong.
3 Mar. 1969
An Efficient Service Station
A representative from the Acme Petroleum Company visits Goober's gas station. He is very unimpressed with Goober's efforts and wants changes or Goober may be out of a job.
10 Mar. 1969
Emmett's Retirement
The town is in an uproar when Emmett announces he is retiring, leaving the town with no repair facilities.
17 Mar. 1969
Millie's Girlfriend
Millie has a girlfriend, Renee, visiting from New York who has recently broken up with a long time partner. Millie asks Sam to show her around and keep her busy. Unfortunately Renee interprets Sam's kindness the wrong way and begins to find herself attracted to him.
24 Mar. 1969
The Church Bell
Mayberry gets word a nearby town has a church bell for sale. The Mayberry committee go and make an offer, but a battle of wills breaks out over the price.
12 May 1969
Sister Cities
Mayberry gets an invitation to join a sister city program by the United States government. The citizens of Mayberry embrace the idea and arrange for a delegation from their Mexican sister city, Porto Bello to visit Mayberry.
22 Sep. 1969
Andy's Baby
Andy and Helen return to Mayberry for a visit and bring their new baby, Andy Jr. with them. They want to christen their child in Mayberry and want to have Sam act as Godfather. This hurts the feelings of Howard, Goober, and Emmett whom all feel they are more qualified. A somewhat unorthodox compromise is arranged.
29 Sep. 1969
Saving Morelli's
With the impending closure of their favorite restaurant, Sam and Howard try to figure out some way to save it by attracting more customers.
6 Oct. 1969
Howard, the Poet
Howard is commissioned to write a poem for a literary magazine. He is very proud and excited at the prospect of being published. Writer's block spoils his happiness and frustration soon takes over.
13 Oct. 1969
Goober and the Telephone Girl
Goober meets a woman at the telephone company and takes her out on a date. An incident at the restaurant makes her the hero, and not him, which wounds his pride.
20 Oct. 1969
Millie, the Model
Milie is given the opportunity to travel to New York City and be a model. She is excited and accepts the offer. Sam is happy for her but it isn't long before he starts to have misgivings and he's off to NYC himself.
27 Oct. 1969
Mike's Birthday Party
Mike is planning on having a birthday party with no girls invited. His party falls on the same day as Sally's party...but she is inviting boys. The boys are all set to go to Mike's until Sally starts bribing them with great prizes.
3 Nov. 1969
The Farmer Exchange Project
Sam agrees to host a Soviet farmer in a farmer exchange program. Sam doesn't realize it but he'll end up hosting his own Ninotchka.
10 Nov. 1969
The Caper
When Howard becomes convinced Goober is not an effective deputy sheriff he decides to prove it - by robbing the Mayberry bank.
17 Nov. 1969
The New Farmhand
After hearing so many of the new farmhand Rudy's stories of his past adventures, Sam begins to wonder if Mike is becoming to close to him.
24 Nov. 1969
Palm Springs, Here We Come
Selma offers to let everyone spend two weeks at her home in Palm Springs. Everyone is ready to go but Mike's failing grade in math may ruin the trip.
15 Dec. 1969
Palm Springs, Here We Are
Everyone is enjoying their vacation in Palm Springs until Emmett and Goober start to get on each others nerves, especially when they get marooned together in the desert.
22 Dec. 1969
Millie and the Palm Springs Golf Pro
Still vacationing in Palm Springs Sam bumps into an old war buddy named Charlie Harris. Charlie is a golf pro at one of the clubs and agrees to give Millie a few lessons. Charlie's a bit of a flirt and makes a pass at Millie. When she tells Sam he just laughs it off and Millie becomes furious. She believes she is being taken for granted and comes up with a plot to make Sam jealous.
29 Dec. 1969
Palm Springs Cowboy
When Howard finds out a movie producer lives nearby, he pitches an idea for a western starring an old time singing cowboy and his side kicks.

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