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Sex & Nudity

  • A man dances with his wife in one scene; his wife is dressed provocatively and certain dance moves are provocative. Not explicit.

Violence & Gore

  • In dialogue, there are some violent threats about removing people's eyeballs to wear as earrings, pulling out teeth to use for necklaces, cutting off someone's head filling it with food and giving it to the dogs. These threats are not carried out, but could frighten children.
  • There are multiple scenes involving mild, slapstick violence, all played for laughs.
  • The Baron makes multiple attempts to murder his wife including shooting at her with a gun and nearly impaling her with a falling stake.
  • Several dogs invade a factory, knocking people and vats of liquid over. One bites a man on the butt.
  • The Baron's ship shoots cannonballs at the heroes in their car but nobody gets hit.
  • Two men are tossed out of an airship into the sea. They cry out that they will drown but are later shown to have reached shore safely.
  • The climax in which the children revolt against the Baron and his court involves a lot of slapstick such as guards slipping on wine, the Baron getting lifted into the air by a hook etc. No one is injured but a lot of people scream.


  • When Grandpa says (of Mr. Coggins) "...wouldn't light your pipe if his house was on fire", often times his pronunciation of "house" is misinterpreted as "ass"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Smoking and drinking takes place at the king's birthday party, it is seemed to suggest that some members may be drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man talks about burning an old car that two children play on in great detail. He then snidely remarks that if they don't be quiet, he'll murder them (it is said more comically than threateningly)
  • A car is shown driving off a cliff with four people in it, falling towards the sea for several seconds. However, the car sprouts wings and flies into the air.
  • The Child Catcher with his big metal hook, greasy, black hair and grotesque nose may frighten children. He forces his way into a house accompanied by soldiers, searching for the hiding children inside. He has a cage for children and tricks children to kidnap them. In one scene, he pushes two children into his caged wagon and laughs manically as they cry to be let out. They are later imprisoned in a tower, alone. We see large groups of children who've been hiding for years.

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