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Robert Duvall: Chiz



  • Lee Stegler : Okay, the secret word was Pilgrim. I, eh, I figured that out.

    Rick : What's the deal, Chiz?

    Chiz : We're going to send a man to the moon.

    Rick : You're kidding?

    Lee Stegler : A man?

    Chiz : One man all the way. It's called Pilgrim.

  • Chiz : All right, now, listen. A week before Pilgrim goes, we send up a shelter stocked with food, oxygen, all life support systems on the same type of bird. Everything's in here. There's systems, communications, trajectories and Dunc is my backup. Now, the shelter has a flashing beacon and a radar signal. And Surveyor will probably spot it too. Now, if I don't locate it with all that, I complete a figure eight around the moon, swing back, and reenter behind a beefed up heat shield. Now, three days later I'm getting stoned on a carrier as the band plays.

    Rick : Who thought it up? An LSD research team?

  • Ross Duellan : Apollo 3, this is Ross.

    Chiz : Ross, I've got a good orbit. Why don't you check your lights down there for malfunction.

    Ross Duellan : I know all about your mission, eh, Pilgrim. Scrub it.

  • Chiz : Who'll be there to help him on the moon?

    Gus : Not a soul!

  • Chiz : Lee's been keeping up a running commentary ever since insertion. They've been trying to get him to nap - he won't.

    Mickey Stegler : He never was much of a napper.

  • Chiz : Pilgrim. Pilgrim control. Do you read? Pilgrim. Pilgrim control. Do you read? Pilgrim. Pilgrim control. Do you read? Pilgrim. Pilgrim control. Do you read?

  • Chiz : 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Fire!

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