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  • His Australian accent was deemed too difficult to understand and inappropriate in a British setting. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Duc de Richleau (Christopher Lee), Nicholas to his friends, and his friend Rex Van Ryn (Leon Greene) pay a surprise visit to their ward, Simon Aron (Patrick Mower), the son of an old friend who, before passing away, asked them to watch over young Simon. When they arrive at Simon's newly-purchased house in the English countryside, they are surprised to see that Simon is throwing a party for a mysterious group of 12 friends. The Duc, who is knowledgeable about the Black Arts, suspects that Simon's party guests are actually a coven of Satanists and that Simon and his friend Tanith Carlisle (Nike Arrighi) are about to be baptized by powerful leader Mocata (Charles Gray) in order to serve the forces of evil. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. The Devil Rides Out is also a 1934 novel by English author Dennis Wheatley. The novel was adapted for the film by American author and screenwriter Richard Matheson. The film is known as The Devil's Bride in the United States. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • More commonly known as Star Trek's Spock greeting, "Live long and prosper", is of Hebraic significance, specifically pertaining to Judaism. The shape illustrates the Hebrew letter "shin" which is the first letter in the word "Shaddai", one of the names of God meaning "the almighty", On many occasions, Leonard Nimoy has related the story of how he based the Vulcan hand sign on his boyhood recollections of rabbis using the gesture as a symbol of blessing. It also represents "the left- and right-handed paths of magic", the significance of which the Duc explains to Rex during the movie. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • When it's discovered that Peggy (Rosalyn Landor) is missing, Simon races to the coven meeting to beg for her release, with the Duc, Rex, and Peggy's parents—Richard (Paul Eddington) and Marie (Sarah Lawson) Eaton—soon following. Mocata is pleased to see Simon's return but refuses to release Peggy, intending instead to use her as the "bride" for the sacrifice. In a state of deep hypnosis, Peggy is laid on the altar just as the Duc and party arrive. Marie screams, interrupting the ceremony, and Rex rushes at Mocata but is easily subdued. The Duc offers himself instead of Peggy, but Mocata prefers the soul of an unstained child and refuses the offer. Richard rushes at Mocata but, like Rex before him, is also easily subdued. The ceremony continues with the Duc powerless to use the Susama ritual again. Just as Mocata is about to slit Peggy's neck, Tanith's spirit takes over Marie's body and raises Peggy. She makes Peggy repeat the words of the Susama ritual, at the end of which the chamber bursts into flames. Back at Richard's house, the Duc, Simon, Richard, and Marie are shown getting up off the floor, still inside the magic circle. Richard and Marie rush to Peggy's room while Simon notices that Tanith's body is missing. Suddenly Rex and Tanith, very much alive, come into the house together. The Duc explains: "Time itself has been reversed for us. Tanith's death, Peggy's abduction, the ritual in the cellar...all these things happened. But now, they have not happened. We are all safe again." He explains further that, although Tanith has been restored, the Angel of Death cannot return empty-handed so has instead taken Mocata, the one who invoked him. "Thank God", rays Simon. As Peggy runs into the Duc's arms, he says, "Yes, Simon. He is the one we must thank." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Very simply, the Susama ritual has the effect of altering time and space, as the Duc explained earlier when he used it against the Angel of Death. However, because he had already used the ritual, he could not use it again to stop Mocata from sacrificing Peggy. Therefore, Tanith's spirit used Marie's body to awaken Peggy and get her to recite the spell. Consequently, time and space was rearranged to send them all back to a time prior to the death of Tanith and the kidnapping of Peggy. However, because the Angel of Death can not return empty-handed once he has been summoned, he needed to take back with him a body, the best one being the one who summoned him in the first place, Mocata. The book has a somewhat more elaborate explanation. When the Duc says the lines from the Susama ritual to protect them from the Angel of Death, their astral bodies are ejected from their physical bodies still in the pentagram on the floor. Their astral bodies then travel to the astral plane where the battle against Mocata continues (although the characters are not aware of being in this alternate dimension). When the ritual lines are repeated at the end, their astral bodies return to the physical bodies inside the pentagram. Edit (Coming Soon)


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