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One of the greatest comedies of Indian Cinema
chutneylix12 April 2003
Padosan, who hasn't heard of it? Well if you are one of those unfortunate souls who hasn't, I feel terribly saddened for your state. You my friend, need a good lesson in Indian Cinema. I suggest you start by watching this film.

Padosan, which means 'Neighbor' is the story of Bhola (Sunil Dutt) who li ke his name is a very naive and innocent soul who happens to see Bindu(Saira Banu) and falls in love with her. He later finds out that she is his neighbor. We find out that Bindu is enamored with music and into the picture comes her music teacher, Masterji (Mehmood) who aside from being a bumbling fool who speaks in Tamil accented Hindi, is also in love with Bindu. So back to our Bhola bala hero. He tries to woo her but to no avail until he enlists the help of his friend and mentor Guru (Kishore Kumar) who owns an acting troupe of which Bhola is a part of.

After much investigation, Guru and his friends discover that Bindu's soft spot is music. But unfortunately our Bhola is quite the novice when it comes to singing, sounding more like a braying donkey than a singing suitor. And so begins one of the whackiest cons in cinema. Guru sings, and Bhola lip-syncs. Guru's (Kishore Kumar's) voice being what it is, bewitches Bindu and she starts falling for Bhola. This development thwarts Masterji's master plan of marrying Bindu. So now begins a jugal-bandi between Masterji and Guru (ahem Bhola) for Bindu's affections.

With such a whacky plot, there are laughs aplenty. Add master comedians Mehmood and Kishore Kumar and a funny looking Sunil Dutt, you have the perfect recipe for a hilariously whacky romantic comedy. Saira Banu, oozing of charm is quite good as the spoilt Bindu. Music is also excellent. R.D. Burman masterfully comes up with songs fit for the situations. The most famous of all being "Mere samnewali khidki mein" which is hummed even today. "Meri chatur naar" is extremely fun to watch and kishore kumar's vocals are excellent. All this making Padosan an exquisite classic that MUST NOT BE MISSED!!
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King of Comedy.
Herag12 December 2003
Mehmood, was not only a comedian's comedian. but a great actor. He left indelible mark with this movie, which will remain the Classic of Hindi Comedy. The movie was shot on Location in Mysore, where Visveshwarya the "Einstein" of India built the K.R. Sagar Dam and the breath taking Brindavan Gardens.The beauty of this movie, was the incredible casting. Sunil Dutt,was perfectly cast as the naive and stupid "Bhola" and, what a natural performance from an actor.

The newer genre of actors are pale by comparison and their mediocre talent is put on pedestal and worshiped. Rahul Dev Burman, the son of the legend Sacchin Dev Burman (Guide), created some of the best tunes ("Thumhi Dulahi" "Kehna Hai",and the greatest romantic and heart-tugging song ever in an Hindi movie "Sharm Aati Hai Magar" when 'Bindu' sings for 'Bhola' at his bed-side) for this movie, every song, is hummable immortal melody that was picture perfect on the characters, that included the greatest singing/acting talent of Kishore Kumar as "Guru". Saira Banu, who was at the peak of her career, looked gorgeous. She eventually caught the attention of the then thespian, Dilip Kumar, ending in matrimony.

The Ace, was Mehmood, with his inimitable accent and style as "Masterji" will remain forever in our memory. I would consider this movie as one of the "Top Ten Hindi Films of All Times." The only movie that would come close is "Hera-Pheri" and Paresh Rawal, is the only comedian, that would come close to the Comedic Genius--that was Mehmood.
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Indian comedy up top!
jsataluri3 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
After reviewing this film over and over again, I feel I have to make a lot of changes to this post again.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Indian comedies joining the list of Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, and AAA (the latter two which I haven't seen). The oldies were the true meaning of Indian cinema and this was one of them. Led by 3 comedic aces, Om Prakash, Mehmood and Kishore Kumar (my favorite singer by the way), a buffoonish Sunil Dutt and a irritating Saira Banu and you have a farce! A farce in its own right! Bhola (Sunil Dutt) is a young simpleton living with his pedophile uncle (Om Prakash). He follows the Prem Shastra book very serious, until he realizes that he has wasted a year of married life and must get married before it's too late. Suddenly the line begins to shake and he thinks he's caught a fish. Only he's fished out a girl named Bindu (Saira Banu). He falls head over heels for her only to be pushed into the lake!! Later, he discovers about his uncle's pedophilic ways and disgusted, leaves to live with his mami (aunt).

Next we go to Bhola's best friend, Vidyapati aka Guru (Kishore Kumar) and his wacky troupe (Raj Kishore, Keshto Mukherjee and Mukri) who perform dramatic plays (well in their own way I guess, making them more like farces). Bhola arrives and tells Guru about his new found love and enlists Guru's help in getting the girl.

But what Bhola and Guru don't know is that another man is after Bindu. And he's in the form of a South Indian Sangeetham Masterji (Mehmood) who teaches Bindu music and dance and wants to get married to her. And Bindu is attracted to Masterji's singing voice. So Guru tries to make Bhola sing, but that fails when Bhola's voice is worse than a donkey's! Then BOOM! Guru comes up with a great idea and tells Bhola to lipsinc while he himself sings (seeing Kishore singing for Kishore singing for Sunil), WAH, WAH, WAH! The plan works and Bindu finally falls for Bhola and his "singing". Who could forget the over-the-top confrontation between Masterji and Bhola/Guru?! However, the truth must be exposed and when Bindu finds out about Bhola's singing, she is enraged and goes back to Masterji. And so Bhola decides that death would be better than to remain a bachelor. Soon a fake dramatic parody of Bhola's death spreads to the wedding of Masterji and Bindu. A frantic Bindu runs to mami's house and upon seeing Bhola, she repents about what she did and that she truly loves Bhola. And Bhola springs back alive!!!! And they all live happily ever after!!! Except for poor Masterji who cries during the wedding while he plays the flute.

The first half of the film is probably the best half of the film as this provokes much hilarity in these situations (2X10/10, I could watch it forever). However, the second half brings the film down, when it becomes a little too serious and most of the jokes fall flat. But that doesn't stop it from being one of the greatest Indian comedies. I must say I haven't laughed so hard from any comedy than this one.

Sunil Dutt dumbs himself down from his overly serious roles into a buffoonish, yet kind-hearted simpleton, although he takes the role a bit too seriously and does overdo it in some scenes. Yet, this will remembered as one of his better performances. Saira Banu is decent, yet annoying and you really want to slap her in the face, but the script said she had to be irritating, didn't it? Raj Kishore, Keshto Mukherjee and Mukri are great comic support and Om Prakash's mama is probably one of his most underrated to date.

But the show belongs to Kishore Da and Mehmood and basically they rock the house. Once again Mehmood succeeds in creating a character that is so out there, you forget who the actor is. His accent is good that you'd believe that he actually did come from Tamil Nadu! The way he woos Bindu was outstanding.

Kishore Da with his hair all over the place, Bengali style, paan chewing and crazy guru takes the cake. His reactions and funny antics are one of the main reasons to watch this film. This was one of his last best known comedic performances before his singing career blossomed in 1969 and he never looked back after that.

Underrated RD Burman music right here. Not only does he create a great soundtrack, but his background score can be classified as one of his most underrated to date. Who can forget the songs Main Chali Main Chali, Saanwariya, Mere Saamnewaali Khidki Mein, Meri Bhole Balam and Kehna Hai? But Ek Chatur Naar Karke Singar, the music fight between Masterji and Bhola/Kishore steals the show. Just repeat the song over and over again and it never gets old.

I recommend this great comedy to everyone. If you haven't watched this film, you are missing out. Don't worry if you don't get it, because you don't have to! Just let the movie take you for a ride. 10 out of 10! (14 out of 10- first half, 6 out of the 10- second. It all adds up!)
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Moments of bliss
VirginiaK_NYC15 January 2003
The most delightful thing to me about this light comedy is the "invention" of playback singing as a seduction strategy for Sunil Dutt. His Guru in the movie is a director of what appears to be neighborhood Mahabharat dramas, with pan juice usually dripping toward his chin, played by Kishore Kumar.

Sunil wants to be able to sing to impress the sexy neighbor girl -- but he can't -- so Kishore comes up with the brilliant idea that HE will sing out of sight, and Sunil will -- well, picturise the singing! Fantastic idea!! Which generates wonderful scenes of Sunil picturising seductively while we also see Kishore hopping around behind him singing the songs. (I imagine Kishore is actually playbacking himself here, so it's a great Bollywood-y hall of musical mirrors.)

Kishore also sings and dances a number in which I believe he is doing a ladies' dance, playing the part of the beloved, as part of the enterprise of coaching Sunil in his love quest. His comic talent and body language are spectacular. I''ll probably buy this one just to watch this scene 1000 times. ~Virginia in New York

ETA: Nov. 16, 2006 - I just read an interview in which Shah Rukh Khan names this as his favorite movie comic scene. (Current Film Fare Magazine.)
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Well, the cake has to be distributed amongst all!
narayan_l_k11 March 2005
This is a hilarious and fantastic plot and producer Mahmood has truly justified the quote below the film title 'The first ambitious Motion Picture'. It is a splendid performance by one and all concerned with this film.

Rather than the film's heroine Saira Banu, the film focuses on the duel of wits between her two suitors Mehmood and Sunil Dutt, who is helped by his Guruji Kishore Kumar (doing an imitation of Popol, a famous Bengali artiste) with a floppy middle-partitioned hairstyle and paan stained mouth. Mehmood has excelled as the South-Indian music and dance teacher, with mannerisms such as clutching the hems of his dhoti and the oft-repeated 'aiyo'... One of the high points of this film is the 'Ek Chatur Naar...' during which Mehmood's harmonium gets stuck, making him mumble, 'ennaiya idu... (in Tamil) (meaning, 'what is this') Buy this DVD and have a good laugh!!!!!
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rinks7 March 2007
I have watched this movie quite a few times, but I think its one of the rare movies I tend to watch with equal enthusiasm every time. Although, it was a remake of a Tamil film "Adhutha Vittu Penn", I thought the Hindi version was EQUALLY amazing and not to mention immensely entertaining =) I thought performance-wise Kishore, STOLE THE SHOW! I cannot imagine the movie without him. The guy is incredible at comedy. Sunil Dutt was fabulous, I just adore him to bits, he is so underrated...he put in a stupendous performance! ROFL gotta love the scene where he attempts to learn music from Kishore...he had me in splits. As for Mehmood, he simply rocked. 'Daaaaaai' bhola . I liked his unique accent. haha. I think its imitated by plenty of actors till date and yes, its annoying to the core. Saira, well I usually find her very irritating in most of her films, I thought she was passable. The soundtrack was amazing. I can just listen to them all day long. My personal favorites include kehna hai, mera samne wali ladki ne and main chali is one of best female duets sung by Asha and Lata. The movie is a must watch, it's a classic in every sense. Highly recommended! 9/10
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Hindi Comedy At Its Best
Shailesh-219 December 2000
Excellent performances by complete cast. Unusually funny theme. Cute actress Saira Bano. Jolly Mehamood and last but not the least a superb singing and acting performance by the great Kishore Kumar. He dominates comedy like no one else. Nobody could ever regret watching this movie.

Songs to watch out for :

"Mere saamne wali khidki me . . "

"Meri Pyari Bindu . . "

"Tum hi to layi ho jeevan me mere pyar . ."
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a masterpiece of Indian cinema
virsingh-rathore24 August 2010
Really this was an awesome movie, a way ahead of its time and yet refreshing.

After watching this movie yesterday i get to consider myself a fool not to watch this one till now. This was a real Indian gem and needs to be watched by every person being an Indian movies fan by heart.The most amazing character of this movie is that of Kishore Kumar playing a role of Love guru leading his guy to the ultimate goal of his love.Talking about "Saira Bano" she was looking so beautiful and gorgeous as always. Sunil Dutt was good playing a character a typical Indian by heart. In nutshell a really fantastic movie with amazing leading characters.
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Mehmood is Masterji
davo24 May 2009
...yet Kishore Kumar rules. Sunil Dutt holds his own as the straight man, and the best things about Saira are her figure and her clothes. The rest of the cast is good, too, but for me the main interest was to see a film where the actors (Mehmood & Kumar) do their own playback singing, which I believe became fairly uncommon after the 1940s. These guys deliver, and steal the show whenever they are on screen. Then on top of that, Kishore's character, Guru, after Bhola (Dutt) hilariously demonstrates that he can't learn to sing, pulls a Cyrano and provides the voice for Bhola's picturizing. Then song duel with Masterji, too much, Guru working Bhola like puppet. Guru's troupe (including Bhola) are a gang of 5, working like a chorus, double-takes timed to the music. The scene where they go to Bhola's uncle to change his mind about his engagement is structured as a pretty much a cappella song. I love that. I chose this film to see Kishore work, and I feel like I picked a good one, plus I learned about Mehmood, I'm looking forward to seeing more of both of them.
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10 out of 10...
upadhyaysatyam-7559713 November 2018
Songs are awesome and what a cult classic cinema with trendsetting comedy
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A Classic....
namashi_114 December 2009
Jyoti Swaroop's 'Padosan' is the Finest Comedy to come out to of Indian Cinema. A 1968, Everygreen, Evershining Classic!

'Padosan' is a simple story told in a Fantastic manner. The script is polished, with one-by-one hilarious sequences. The film has hilarious characters, which have been justified by it's actors.

Kishore Kumar steals the show with a memorable performance. His body language & dialog delivery are superb, justifying the character more than needed. Sunil Dutt is fantastic, plus his get-up is well-done. Mehmood excels as the Tamilan. His portions are simply hilarious! Saira Banu looked amazing then and her performance is decent. Mukri, Keshto Mukherjee & Raj Kishore are first-rate as Kishore's men. Om Prakash, Dulari, Agha & Sunder are perfect.

'Padosan' is a must watch... most of the people associated with this Cult film are no more... let's relive & salute their contribution in Indian Cinema.
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One of the best comedies
silvan-desouza4 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mehmood was the king of comedy in 60's, 70's and gave us several laughriots PADOSAN is one of the finest comedies ever remembered till today. The film is a laughriot throughout. It starts off with Introduction on Om Prakash in one of his crazziest roles ever, he is searching for a girl to marry at old age after leaving his wife, then we are introduced to Sunil Dutt who is a simpleton and reads books on age definition of love(till 25 one shd not fall in love) he falls for Bindu(Saira Banu) and then the results. There are several funny scenes like the scene in the garden when Sunil Dutt and gang stand as trees, Sunil Dutt trying to sing.etc The change of events and Sunil Dutt getting hurt is well handled and then the film keeps you involved and many things laughing to the glory

Direction by Jyothi Swaroop is topnotch Music by RD Burman gives us several classic numbers like Lata's Bai Bathur, Mere Saamne waale Khidki(picturised on Dutt with playbacks of Kishore), Kehna Hai and the famous Ek Chatur Naar. Camera-work is decent, Dialogues are topnotch

Amongst actors It's difficult to say who was better as all are given good roles unlike today's comedies Sunil Dutt is superb as Bhola, I never knew he had such a funny bone and he excels in his character without overdoing it Mehmood as the South Indian Classical Dancer does a great job as usual(though his act may seem exxagerated) but yet it suits the movie, This was his debut production and was a huge hit Kishore Kumar is a laughriot, He was often known for his comedy acts in 50's and 60s and he does another great job, He gets a chance to show his matchless playback skills too in the film Saira Banu looks beautiful and does a good job Om Prakash in a guest role does a great job in one of his funniest performances, Keshto Mukherjee and Mukri the only familiar people in Sunil Dutt's gang leave a mark while the rest are okay
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If it was made today, it would have been placed among the worst films
Anonymous00230 December 2018
You read it right. I didn't like it. Infact, I absolutely hated it. May in those day there were no critics or if there were, they were definitely not well known.Because today's critics don't leave a single chance to point a hole in a film , especially when it's a comedy film.

Film stats with Sunil dutt(as Bhola) reciting a book and shooting "Ab main 25 baras ka ho gaya hoon". In next scene, we see him flirting(not precisely) with girls in skimpy clothes. In first few minutes, I felt like watching an another housefull (Housefull was a film bashed by critics). Then he left his house to live in his Mama's house. A girl(one of the mentioned above) live in his neighbour. So, like every hindi film he went to impress her but there's someone between them. Pillai,a music teacher played by Mehmood is also before her. So, he tries to learn music. Then starts the film which is all about music. A song plays after after every ten minutes. The story is non-existent. Just a long list of songs is there.Though, it is not as mind less as today's films but today's films are atleast a little funny.

Coming to the music, the songs are just amazing. The best ever you can find any where, Hindi or otherwise. But comedy ,not a single funny scene.
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Exciting! Great! Marvellous piece of cinema!!!!!
wassupbhaskar28 September 2009
One of the best all time comedies and among the best of Indian cinema. Kishore Kumar and mahmood stand out every one in their comic timing . you keep wondering how versatile can a man be after watching kishore kumar sing and act at the same time. sunil dutt is cute and good with his dialogs. good acting . saira banu is also good. The maestro that he is , once again RD Burman proves that the genius like him are rarely born.kishore kumar and Manna Day have sung the songs awesomely. The songs "Mere samnewali khidki', "kehena Hai ", "sawariya" and the only one of its kind till date in the history of cinema "Ek Chatur naar". Kishore kumar according is the hero of the Film.
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