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Tootie smokes, Tootie KILLS!
oliver-17730 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is a grand old two-parter Ironside episode. The Chief briefly regains some sensations in his legs. His surgeon-friend Joseph Cotten suggests a dangerous operation that might help him walk again. As it happens, a guard at the hospital gets killed during a drug holdup at the pharmacy. The murderer escapes, but the chief has seen him and distributes his likeness to the media.

Fussing over the chief is perennial Teutonic nun Lilia Skala, handsome priest Troy Donahue, and - of course - Ed, Eve, and Mark.

Wouldn't you know, but the cool and composed pharmacist (Margaret O'Brien, yes, little Tootie from Meet me in St Louis) is in cahoots with the drug thief. The two fiends plan to substitute a bottle of Cyanide gas for the oxygen to be used during the Chief's surgery.

Slow moving at times, but a classic.
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