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  • The animation classic "Yellow Submarine" had some problems at its premiere in 1968 and revolutionized the complete genre of animated films for adults. Even though the Beatles were involved marginally, they were really fond of the psychedelic design by the German graphic designer Heinz Edelmann from Düsseldorf. That's the reason for their cameo at the end of the film.

    In 1999 the film was completely restored. The sound and the image were edited to its original condition including the well-known "Hey Bulldog" scene. This scene was shown at the film premiere in England but when the film was released worldwide, the scene was cut out and replaced by a short dynamic battle scene to reach a lower running time. The video release in England in 1988 was a just a release of the Theatrical Cut as well. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. but it may seem that way. but before it shows her full body if you look she has a shirt on. and those circles on her breasts are her shirt. not her nipples. Edit (Coming Soon)


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