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29 Sep. 1969
Love and a Couple of Couples/Love and the Hustler/Love and the Pill
Agnes visits her ex Gary as he readies to propose to his current girl June. Boisterous pool hustler Big Red watches a new player enjoy beginner's luck. Bert and Ellen Palmer worry about their daughter Kim's 18th birthday in Paris.
6 Oct. 1969
Love and the Living Doll/Love and the Letter/Love and the Joker/Love and the Unlikely Couple
In "Love and the Joker", Bill (Larry Storch)'s practical jokes threatens his romance with Vera (E.J. Peaker).
13 Oct. 1969
Love and the Phone Booth/Love and the Doorknob
Love and the Phone Booth: Out-of-towner Dave (Peter Kastner) can't get a date, even with pal Ray's help. Ray (Dwayne Hickman) persuades him to call a number scratched on a phone booth wall. He reaches Patty (Pamela Austin) and they feel a connection, but the odd circumstances of their meeting complicate every step from then on. Love and the Doorknob: Newlyweds Poppy and Ernie (Stefanie Powers and Gary Lockwood, married in real life at the time) prepare for their wedding night by discussing their expectations. When Poppy admits that she finds Ernie's mouth a little ...
20 Oct. 1969
Love and the Legal Agreement/Love and the Militant/Love and Who?
In "The Legal Agreement", lawyer Darien and wife Louise Patrick's solution to their marital woes is to separate but continue to live in the same house. College president Dr. M. B. Selby and his secretary Miss Smith are taken hostage in their office by "The Militant" Harley Davis. New Year's Eve reveler John Smith wakes up in a Las Vegas motel room - with a wife in "Who?"
27 Oct. 1969
Love and the Modern Wife/Love and the Phonies/Love and the Single Couple
In "The Modern Wife", Howard is too demanding on his wife Laurie, who is convinced that he has developed a wandering eye after their seven years together. In "The Phonies", Boyd and Daphne Daniels return from a cocktail party and comment on the other guests, while turning out to be only half of what they seem. In "The Single Couple", Katherine Walker's parents Owen and Edith have trouble accepting the fact that she is living in sin with her boyfriend Tim Hurst.
3 Nov. 1969
Love and the Dating Computer/Love and the Busy Husband/Love and the Watchdog
In "The Dating Computer", Marion Feinstein is nervous about using a computer dating service for the first time. In "The Busy Husband", Harry gets so caught up in doing things around the house that he doesn't even notice that his wife Pam is missing. In "The Watchdog", Gary and Aggie Holmes comfort their elderly neighbor Mrs. Hennessy, who has just been victimized by a burglar. Gary wants to move to a new home in a safer part of town, until Aggie has another idea.
10 Nov. 1969
Love and Take Me Along/Love and the Advice-Givers/Love and the Geisha
In "Take Me Along", the Reverend Henry Pickard, a generous clergyman, helps a stranded stranger by pretending to be her husband. Will his cynical wife Martha find out? In "The Advice-Givers", Mel and Audrey Bailey confess their marital problems: him to his gym rat friend, and her to her hair stylist. Sports fanatic Norman Logan's relationship with Vera may be imperiled by a visiting geisha named Kei-Yoko in "The Geisha".
17 Nov. 1969
Love and the Burglar/Love and the Roommate/Love and the Wild Party
In "The Burglar", bumbling house-breaker Don breaks into a woman's apartment, but regrets his choice of potential victims. In "The Roommate", bachelor Roger Bowen converses with a stewardess who lives with him. And Henry and Marylou Haskins look to spice up their marriage with a get-together, but they don't realize that "The Wild Party" is set to include repeated mate-swapping.
24 Nov. 1969
Love and the Big Leap/Love and the Good Deal/Love and the Former Marriage
In "Love and the Former Marriage", John (Carl Betz) gets a distress call from Paul (Elliott Reid), his ex-wife's (Dana Wynter) new husband about John's young daughter (Jenny Sullivan marrying an older man (Harrison Ford.
1 Dec. 1969
Love and Mother/Love and the Dummies/Love and the Athlete/Love and the Shower
In "Mother", Paul and Sheila are celebrating their honeymoon when her father Jake Adams and mother show up unexpectedly. Ventriloquists Dale and Diane and "The Dummies" get acquainted while sitting in the waiting room of Sid Doff's busy talent agency. In "The Athlete", track and field society president Winthrop Armstrong assigns George Fontaine to fire Ingrid from the team because they think she's a man in drag. "The Shower" is a divorce shower thrown by Fred, Leo, and Walter to comfort their newly separated friend Lenny Granger.
8 Dec. 1969
Love and the Mountain Cabin/Love and the Divorce Sale/Love and the Comedy Team
"The Mountain Cabin" is where penny-pinching newlyweds Arnold and Eileen Pfister spend their wedding night, but not without interruptions. Photographer Biff Harrison's model Tippi is over the hill, so they decide to sell everything and split the profits in "The Divorce Sale". After six years of working together, "The Comedy Team" of Morey Fields and Joan Landers is hit with writers' block, at the exact same time that Joan is planning her wedding with Frederick Miller.
22 Dec. 1969
Love and the Positive Man/Love and the Other Love/Love and the Bachelor
"The Positive Man" is upwardly mobile Marvin Glassmire, who embraces the power of positive thinking while his nagging mother Grace tries to match him up with a nice girl. Rob is late for his father-in-law Mr. Kearn's birthday because of "The Other Love" - his new used car. "The Bachelor" is Jimmy Devlin, who brings his girlfriend Lila to meet his overly critical mother.
29 Dec. 1969
Love and the Medium/Love and the Bed/Love and the High School Flop-Out
Madame Zimia falls in love with a client and changes his fortune to suit her. Peter gets into a dispute over a brass bed and brings back a Colonial custom. Innocent teenager Bill takes home a more experienced woman.
5 Jan. 1970
Love and the Pick-Up/Love and the Proposal/Love and the Fighting Couple
Holly feels her young marriage needs some excitement and gets advice from her mom. An engaged couple get counseling from an unhappily married doctor. Vic impulsively proposes to his girlfriend and instantly regrets it.
12 Jan. 1970
Love and the Boss's Ex/Love and Mr. Nice Guy/Love and the Gangster
In "Love and the Boss' Ex", a man (Ray Walston) comes up with an unique way to get out of alimony payments, have his employee (Pat Harrington Jr.) marry his ex-wife (Whitney Blake).
6 Feb. 1970
Love and the Banned Book/Love and the First-Nighters/Love and the King
In "Love and the Banned Book", a GI (Burt Reynolds) returns home from overseas and finds his wife (Elizabeth Ashley) has become a literary success.
13 Feb. 1970
Love and the Coed Dorm/Love and the Optimist/Love and the Teacher
Stanley is delighted to get a female roommate due to a computer mix-up. A born loser helps a woman who meant to dial a suicide hot line. Artie is distressed to learn his son is flunking sex-ed since the dad paints female nudes.
27 Feb. 1970
Love and Las Vegas/Love and the Good Samaritan/Love and the Marriage Counselor
Harvey is left at the the altar in Vegas, gets drunk and tries to marry Bonnie and Clyde from Bakersfield. Freddy is unwillingly drawn into a neighbor's problems. Two old business partners take their disagreement to a marriage counselor
13 Mar. 1970
Love and the Fly/Love and the Millionaires/Love and Double Trouble
A neglected housewife adopts a house fly as a pet. A couple pretending to be wealthy are taken seriously by their stockbroker. A man must explain to his fiance why he got harem girls as a birthday gift.

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