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2 Feb. 1973
Love and the Hand Maiden/Love and the Hot Spell/Love and the Laughing Lover/Love and the Perfect Set-Up
A woman is willing to remove everything but her gloves. A bride undergoes hypnosis in order to relax. A woman is prone to hysterical laughing upsetting social events. A young girl finds the ideal roommate with a gut but insists on being platonic.
9 Feb. 1973
Love and the Anniversary/Love and the Playwright/Love and the Trampled Passion
George Pomeroy takes wife Martha to where they celebrated their honeymoon years ago. Bill puts his spouse into awkward situations to test ideas for a play. A young woman plots to meet her new neighbor, a flamenco dancer.
2 Mar. 1973
Love and the Mind Reader/Love and the Mr. and Mrs./Love and the Soap Opera
A man attempts to get a girl to fall for his roommate through telepathy. An attorneys regrets giving up his lucrative law practice to join his wife as a public defender. A young woman lives vicariously through daytime dramas.
28 Sep. 1973
Love and the Golden Memory/Love and the Heavy Set/Love and the Novel/Love and the See-Through Mind/Love and the Seven Year Wait
In "Love and the See-Through Mind", waiter Larry (Fred Grandy) can't keep his mind off sexy (and married) Michelle Rossi (Tina Louise).
12 Oct. 1973
Love and the Bonded Separation/Love and the Fractured Fibula/Love and the Pretty Secretary
A long time couple tries separation while under the same room. A newlywed so wants to be with her husband that she injures herself. An attorney finds himself falling in love with his ditzy secretary.
9 Nov. 1973
Love and the Clinical Problem/Love and the Eat's Cafe/Love and the Last Joke/Love and the Persistent Assistant/Love and the Unsteady Steady
A sex clinic has it's share of problems. Greeting card salesman Sam Cosgrove convinces a small town girl not to marry her awful boyfriend. A hypnotist's assistant falls in love with her boss. Ernie imagines girlfriend Steffi grown up.
23 Nov. 1973
Love and the Blue Plate Special/Love and the Man of the Year/Love and the Time Machine
In "Love and the Blue Plate Special", millionaire Peter (Todd Crespi) can't seem to interest waitress Margie (Lorna Luft).
26 Oct. 1973
Love and the Other Mistakes
Norman Levy decides to rekindle his romance with heart-breaker Evie Carson, but he has an ulterior motive.

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