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6 Sep. 1969
Dial P for Pink
A safe robber makes an attempt to steal a safe but not if the pink panther has anything to say about it. After all he is living in it.
6 Sep. 1969
Pickled Pink
The Pink Panther is invited by a drunk man to his home in the early morning. The drunk man's wife is tired of her husband bringing home friends, and making noise, so the Pink Panther and him must try to be as quite as possible. Things go awfully wrong, and they're both kicked out of the house.
6 Sep. 1969
Pink Ice
The pink panther has his own diamond mine but a neighboring diamond mine steals his diamonds. The Pink Panther wishes for them back but the company denies to give them back. So the pink panther is going to try and get them back by sneaking in there but its going to be tricky when the only two bumbling workers are guarding the place.
6 Sep. 1969
Shocking Pink
A voice disturbs the pink panther while he is resting and making him uneasy and always working.
6 Sep. 1969
Sink Pink
When a man wants to spoil his daughter he tricks all the animals to go into a ark he built so his daughter can have all the animals. But he also wants the pink panther.
6 Sep. 1969
The Pink Blueprint
When the Pink Panther sees a house being built, he wants to change up the blueprint to a work of his own. But the contractor does not like this and they both create their own series of hi jinx
6 Sep. 1969
The Pink Phinx
The Pink Panther sees a house being painted and wishes to paint it pink. But the painter wishes for it to be blue. It soon turns into a war to paint the house.
6 Sep. 1969
The Pink Tail Fly
Pink Blueprint/Bomb Voyage/Pink Tail Fly
6 Sep. 1969
We Give Pink Stamps
The pink panther is having fun when a shopping mall but has to hide from the janitor that is cleaning up the place.
18 Sep. 1993
The Ghost and Mr. Panther/Cleopanthra
The Ghost and Mr. Panther/Cleopanthra.
4 Nov. 2003
The Pink Pill/Plastered in Paris/Pink Pistons
The Pink Pill/Plastered in Paris/Pink Pistons
13 Nov. 2003
Lucky Pink/Pink in the Clink
"Pink In The Clink" - The Pink Panther, working as porter in a train depot, gets forced at gunpoint by a little, pointy-nosed man to assist him in a burglary at the Acme Manufacturing Company.

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