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11 Aug. 1970
Jordan finds himself in Wormwood Scrubs. What's he up to? No one is saying - least of all Supt Inman, who believes that time is running out in a situation that could place his department in danger.
18 Aug. 1970
Dinner Date
Jordan flies to Frankfurt to escort a British subject, Selby, back to England. Selby had disappeared three years earlier in East Germany and the British Government are anxious to learn what he's been up to - but the Russian KGB hide in the shadows.
25 Aug. 1970
Depart in Peace
An ex-colonial policeman is pressured to return to Africa to testify at the trial of a onetime Mau-Mau warlord, but he adamantly refuses.
1 Sep. 1970
Miss International
When appeared to be a straightforward case - protecting the wife of a foreign VIP, who has entered a beauty competition in the cause of female emancipation for her own country - turns into nightmare situation for Insp. Jordan.
8 Sep. 1970
Warrant for a Phoenix
An accusation of theft against a highly respected Greek historian sets the Special Branch team a problem. Interpol have requested his extradition from England - but Inman isn't satisfied with the facts of the case.
16 Sep. 1970
The Pleasure of Your Company
Inman meets the CIA's new man in London. Jordan meets an old friend from Moscow. All perfectly legal - until the two are seen together at intervals and the Special Branch team become involved in international politics.
23 Sep. 1970
Not to Be Trusted
Is an eminent scientist, on lone to a top-secret research establishment, a security risk? That's the question facing Inman and his team. The research establishment is suddenly prone to 'leaks'. Has the man been got at?
30 Sep. 1970
Borderline Case
While a member of the SB team keeps watch on Karl Peter's flat, Inman and his team scan though his charge sheet. They believe he will attempt to incite London dockworkers into taking industrial action against their employers.
7 Oct. 1970
Love from Doris
When military security intercepts letter written to a lonely serviceman by his foreign 'penpal' Rita, which contain casual references to secret information, Supt Inman sends DS Jordan to investigate.
14 Oct. 1970
Sorry Is Just a Word
When a Czech au-pair goes missing in London and her father is one of the most powerful men the country, Inman and Jordan must find out what's happened to her. But their enquirers lead to a dead end.
21 Oct. 1970
Error of Judgement
When Inman discovers that "The Guardians" are taking a more-than-usual interest in a group of pro-germ-warfare people and finds that their leader is a pretty girl, he decides to send Jordan along to question her.
28 Oct. 1970
Reported Missing
An attractive Russian ballerina from a visiting ballet company goes missing. Jordan has doubts about the report's authenticity, buy Inman goes out on a limb to champion the girl's cause - with disastrous results.
4 Nov. 1970
Fool's Mate
When Britain's top code and cypher breaker is forced to mingle with Communist players during a chess tournament, Inman goes along to keep an eye on him. Moxon, meanwhile, is playing a dangerous game of his own: the pawn being Jordan.

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