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Not Available on DVD: Andy Warhol’s ‘Bad’

Obnoxious drag queens, sleepy hustlers, washed-up starlets, effeminate vampires, and sickly junkies were among the miscreants and lowlifes that inhabited a series of films made in the 60’s and 70’s under the banner of the Andy Warhol “Factory” label. Though the eccentric artist himself had virtually no creative input, Andy Warhol’S Flesh (1968), Andy Warhol’S Trash (1970), and Andy Warhol’S Heat (1972) though low-budget and mostly improvised, were milestones in underground independent cinema. The final film made under the Warhol banner was 1977’s Andy Warhol’S Bad, one of the most shocking black comedies of the 1970’s. Andy Warhol’S Bad differs from the earlier Warhol films because of its higher production values (a 1.5 million dollar budget) and studio-friendly casting, but retains its sense of underground cred thanks to a demented script by Pat Hackett and George Abagnalo that breaks many taboos of the time to create a hilarious deadpan satire.
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