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Alternate Versions

In the French theatrical version the song "Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?" by Nina was sung by Isabelle Aubret under the title "Savez-vous ce qu'il faut au sapin de Noel?" (Do You Know what a Christmas tree needs?).
The film was edited by the BBFC to change a single line for theatrical exhibition. After Bond says "I feel a slight stiffness coming on", the line "... in the shoulder" has been badly added, ruining the joke totally.
An extra line of dialog can be heard in the Ultimate Edition. It is "His brotherhood also have exotic ways to keep it a closed shop" and is said by Blofeld. It occurs after he says to Tracy, "Your own father's profession is not entirely within the law". This is where the scene normally ends before it cuts away to a scene involving helicopters.
In some VHS prints, the two producer credits in the opening credits are seen reversed.
The original version edited for American Television was re-cut in several places. The film started "in medias res" with the escape from Piz Gloria, then flashing back to the beginning of the film. The entire film featured Bond's voice over (done by a different actor than Lazenby), and included a shot before the wedding in which Bond and Tracy buy her the wedding ring and Irma Bunt's reflection is seen in the window of the jeweler's.
The DVD R2 release differs slightly from the most recent (complete) VHS version. Notably:
  • the shot of the shadow of a cable car moving across a cliff side when Bond's helper (Bernard Horsfall) is climbing a cliff is missing.
  • The music starts differently when Herr Gumbold leaves his office prior to Bond breaks into the office's safe.
  • When Bond speaks the line "I told you the crowd would discourage them" after the stock car race, he was previously shown saying so in close up, now the line is only heard as Bond and Tracy speeds away.
In the German theatrical version the song "Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?" by Nina was sung by Katja Ebstein under the title "Wovon tr?umt ein Weihnachtsbaum im Mai?" (What does a Christmas tree in May dreams about?).
When the British Film Institute struck new prints of the first six films, they mistakenly used a heavily cut negative for OHMSS despite the film having been then-recently restored. This cut version is the print they now hold in the National Film and Television Archive as it was deemed too expensive to strike a new print from the complete negative.

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