On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) Poster

Gabriele Ferzetti: Draco



  • Draco : My apologies for the way you were brought here. I wasn't sure you'd accept a *formal* invitation.

    James Bond : There's always something formal about the point of a pistol.

  • [Bond throws a knife and hits a calendar on a bookshelf, on the 14th day] 

    Draco : But today is the thirteenth, Commander.

    James Bond : I'm superstitious.

  • Draco : She likes you, I can see it.

    James Bond : You must give me the name of your oculist.

  • [Draco proposes that Bond marries his daughter] 

    James Bond : I find her fascinating. But, she needs a psychiatrist, not me.

    Draco : [abruptly]  What she needs is a man... to *dominate* her! To make love to her enough to make her love him! A man like you!

  • Draco : Do not kill me, Mr. Bond. At least not until we've had a drink. And if you wish, I'll give you another chance.

  • Draco : Listen to me, on the day you marry her, I'll give you a personal dowry of one million pounds in gold.

    James Bond : That's quite an inducement - but, I don't need a million pounds.

    Draco : Stupido!

    James Bond : And I have a bachelor's taste for freedom.

    Draco : Please! Just tease her some more. Who knows what will come of it.

  • Draco : A martini for our guest, Olympe.

    Olympe : A pleasure.

    Draco : Shaken, not stirred.

    Olympe : Of course.

    Draco : A Compari, for me.

  • James Bond : You have connections not open to me. Where is Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

    Draco : Blofeld? Some of my men have recently defected to him. I don't know where he is.

    James Bond : Can you find out?

    Draco : If I could, I wouldn't tell Her Majesty's Secret Service.

  • James Bond : [Placing a phone call]  Hello, Draco.

    Draco : Yes, who is it?

    James Bond : Bond, James Bond.

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