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8 Apr. 1972
The Sixth Sense: Whisper of Evil
Alice has a sister named Monique from whom she has been separated since childhood. Alice is dying from a failed kidney and from the hospital Alice has a psychic impression that her long lost sister has been taken prisoner by a satanic cult. She tells all this to her friend Dr. Rhodes, who hopes to use telekinesis and his own psychic ability to find Monique and bring her back to the hospital, where she can donate a kidney to save Alice.
4 Nov. 1972
The Sixth Sense: Through a Flame Darkly
A woman has visions.. these cause her to think a friend from her childhood may be in danger.
11 Nov. 1972
The Sixth Sense: I Did Not Mean to Slay Thee
When a young woman (Pamela Franklin) is suddenly hospitalized, exhaustive tests bring forth no diagnoses. Strangely, only with the help of ESP, is her doctor (Gary Collins) and the rest of the medical team, able to discover a liver illness.

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