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one of the outstanding works for television as they were made in the '70s
fedtho30 November 2002
So maybe I'm unable to objectively consider pippi langstrump/longstocking/Langstrumpf, because I loved her so much when I was 8 years old.

But still, I saw one of the two or three parts of "Pippi and the pirats" (whatever the english title was), and I was amazed! Inger Nilsson plays the main part with incredible freshness. She's as convincing as she can be and the Tv-movies and series were related to her talent. The directing and the rythm are both pretty high-level for a children's movie.

Whatever, I sincerely find it hard to believe that someone discovering these series today could be that disppointed and insensible to its charms, as seems to suggest the 6.7-rating by IMDb-users. Maybe it's just incompatible with the look of our days. But is it that far from the Harry Potter image? Old-fashioned and low-budget, it shows, I'm the first to admit it, but the other qualities seem so obvious to me !

Maybe also it's a very european cultural object.

Actually, I'd like to hear a bit more from those who think this is worth 7, 6 or even less out of ten as a children's movie which I think generous, fun and quite loveable...

Golden memories! I shouldn't argue, but i wanted to defend my beloved little Pippi, the strongest girl in the world. I'm 36 years old now, mind you.
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The best of the series
bowser72419 January 2004
This movie is very well-done, even with the limited special effects of the 70's. I mean, how often do you see a bed with a balloon tied to it flying through the air? Anyway, the special effects aren't the only thing good about it. It also has a pretty good plot, even if it stretches the book a little. If you've seen "Pippi On the Run" or "Pippi Longstocking" but not this, you probably think, "Meh, the series is OK, but not all that good." You're wrong. This is Inger Nilsson at her finest. She gets to beat up big bad pirates for a good portion of the movie. She especially seems to scare Jacque the Knife. I won't give anything else away. go out and see if you can find this movie at Blockbuster.
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The world would be a much brighter place to live aside with Pippi as a president...
Razor_cut4 February 2004
I just want to agree with fedtho that people who votes an 6 or less must see the film from a miserable perspective. Cause here in this movie we have a really good person worthy of imitation. Pippi is more like an superhero for every children (without super mussels or rocket launchers). She also fights for the weakest of children.

Children needs a girl like Pippi who aren't perfect looking but just as perfect as she is created.
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Well it is a co-production so...
hwik14 June 2008
By far my favourite of the Pippi movies. Contains some of the greatest comic actors in Sweden - Martin Ljung and Jarl Borssén. And the most beloved "teddy bear" actor/comic/writer who was loved by all; Beppe Wolgers. He was just as good with kids as is implied by his hearty report with his "daughter" as Efraim Långstrump. And I love the songs.

Unfortunately all of the Astrid Lindgren movies/TV series suffers horribly from being co produced with Germany. Even the Swedish versions are dubbed as some actors are German/danish or whatever... And this shows now when you are an adult. It really don't change my love for them as they are a big part of our cultural heritage (Lindgren is still BIG :D). But to vote them down is kinda silly. Technically they are low budget -but what 70's films aren't? Even Star Wars was a low budget flick - but they changed the concept of FX totally.. :)
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3rd Best Inger-Pippi, and Good
A_Minor_Blip3 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is my third favorite of the Inger-Pippi films (films starring Inger Nilsson as Pippi). It's also the most memorable. Anyone who was a kid during the seventies will recall the flying balloon/bed, the lion on the desert island, and the pirate island where Pippi battles buccaneers... beating them all up. Her father, who resembles a better looking and less fat Dom Deluise, is held prisoner by some nasty pirates. They want to know where he has his treasure, and he won't tell them, but Pippi ends up saving him and, well... this is definitely a good movie for kids. And Pippi fans will think of this one as the most "violent" of the Longstocking saga. She really beats the heck out of the pirates, and the fight scenes never end. It's an enjoyable romp, but I prefer it when Pippi is back home... the adventures are tighter and more fun in my opinion.
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Would have been better if Bergman directed
kinskimonkey9 July 2002
I loved the Pippi films when I was little. I was always amazed by her superhuman powers and envied the life she led in Villa Villakula with Mr. Nilsson (her pet monkey), her treasure chest of gold, and a complete and utter lack of adult supervision. I read the books too, but always liked the movies better. I always wondered if maybe the English translations of the novels just weren't very good. They seemed a bit stilted.

Anyway, each of the Pippi films are pretty much interchangeable, and I remember at one point hearing that they were all filmed at the same time, which didn't come as a surprise. Each seems to involve Pippi, Tommy, and Annika (the two neighbor kids) engaging in a series of adventures that always end up making the local adults look like complete idiots, but in a rather harmless way. Pippi's father, an old, salty, sea-faring-type, pops up from time to time. He seems to have a remarkably close and loving relationship with his daughter, despite the fact that he's never around.

Watching these films now, it's obvious they were made on a very low budget. The English-dubbed versions used the same voice actress for the spoken parts of Pippi, Tommy, and Annika, who just modifies her voice slightly for each part. This is a bit distracting.

Even though it has to be acknowledged that the books made an important contribution to Children's Literature, time might forget these old Pippi movies. I hardly ever see them on TV anymore, and they're hard to find in the video store. They're kind of fun, kind of campy, but all in all, not worth going out of your way to see.
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For really young kids only
Wizard-814 January 2017
I wanted to see one of the 1970s Pippi Longstocking movies for a long time after reading a book that listed the clumsy and shoddy attributes of one of the series entries. First, I feel I should mention that I have never read any of the Astrid Lindgren "Pippi Longstocking" books, so I have no idea how closely this film adaptation follows the original text. However, I can say that the story as told by this movie unfolds in a truly clumsy fashion. There is a plot, but the way it unfolds is in a real meandering way, almost as if it were being made up as it was going along.

As for the other parts of the movie, well, they are clumsy and shoddy as well, with frequently poor production values and misguided direction. The awkward English dubbing certainly doesn't help.

Sounds like a bad movie lover's dream, right? Well, although the clumsy and shoddy nature of the movie does sometimes provoke some giggles, it isn't aggressive enough to be so bad it's funny. Adults will just find it awkward and incompetent. As for kids (YOUNG kids), they may not mind the poor quality of the entire enterprise, but I suspect they won't be clamouring their parents to watch it a second time.
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