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28 Sep. 1986
Pedal Pushers
Searching for approaches to benefit from Gibsons' traveler exchange, Pat sets up a pedicab business yet soon ends up in rivalry with his companion Graham Blake. Scratch backs Pat; Relic is Graham's noiseless accomplice; and a charge war follows. At last, a challenge is arranged to decide the best "pedal pusher" and Nick and Relic end up in a neck-in-neck race to the end goal. Visitors: Sheila Moore, Jonathon Pallone, Greg Bennett, Laurie O'Byrne.
5 Oct. 1986
Twice the Pleasure
While on patrol in his car, John hears the cries of babies. He is surprised to find that the sound is coming from the back seat, where he finds two newborn baby girls. According to the note left with the babies, their names are Amanda and Amy. The note further states that the unnamed mother, who met John briefly a few times and who he remembers but does not really know, is entrusting the babies to his care until she can land her feet, since her deadbeat husband abandoned them. As John doesn't consider the babies to be abandoned, he plans on taking care of them until ...
12 Oct. 1986
Over the Hill
In the wake of anguish a heart assault and recovering in healing center, Nick tries to come back to his typical exercises just to discover every one of his companions endeavoring to do excessively for him. To demonstrate he has recuperated, Nick puts on a show of quality and nearly destroys himself. Visitors: David Glyn-Jones, Donna Peerless.
14 Oct. 1986
Father's Day
A young woman by the name of Carla Maloff is visiting Gibsons for the first time. When she meets Nick, she is up front with him that meeting him was the reason for her trip, as her mother, Sonia Maloff, speaks often about him, the two who met and last saw each other over twenty years ago when Nick was passing through Sonia's home town of Hazel Ridge, Manitoba. Carla implies that she'd like to stay in Gibsons for as long as her meager funds will allow, which leads to Laurel offering her a short term position and board at The Reach. Nick isn't concerned about what seems...
26 Oct. 1986
Poster Boy
Constable John deals with a rash of break-ins and a Corporal looking to make a name for himself in the press.
2 Nov. 1986
Tricky Moves
Now that Jesse and Laurel have moved into The Reach, their houseboat is sitting empty. Jesse doesn't want to sell it, but feels uncomfortable about renting it out to strangers. On Nick's advice, Jesse decides to speak to Pat to see if he and Jack would like to rent it at more than a fair price as he would rather have people he trusts in the houseboat than make a fortune from the rental. Pat loves the idea, especially as it is a much nicer place at a lower cost than their current rental. However, when Pat talks to Jack, Jack refuses to move, in part as he sees Jesse's ...
9 Nov. 1986
A young penniless Greek man with an easy-going charm named Alekos Mykonos has come to Gibsons looking for his grandfather, and asks Nick, as the resident Greek, about his grandfather's whereabouts. What little Nick knows is that Alekos' grandfather used to live in Gibsons but moved away about five years ago to parts unknown. Alekos uses his Greek sensibilities to earn a little money while he's in Gibsons, such as doing odd jobs for Nick and those at The Reach, but it's one of his side ventures that could cause a problem for his new friends. Beyond this issue, Nick ...
23 Nov. 1986
Unlikely Allies
While out gathering logs from a log spill on his own, Nick runs into a boat in seeming distress. The three man crew - Phil, Richard and Clare - are all right but their rented boat is having engine problems. While Nick tries to help them fix their engine, he sees their cargo and understands why they didn't call for help: they're drug smugglers. Nick is able to radio in a partial cryptic message before Phil realizes what Nick is up to, and holds him hostage. As the smugglers see an approaching boat - Relic - they warn Nick to get rid of him or else. Nick tries to relay ...
7 Dec. 1986
Kiss of the Dragon
While out on the water, Nick and Jesse come across a Chinese junk. The four man crew - who Nick and Jesse later learn are Captain Chong Ling, his two adult nephews Ming and Wah, and his adult niece Lin - are suffering from dehydration and exposure. Their story: they are part of a Chinese fishing expedition that got separated from the rest of the fleet in a storm. Both Nick and Relic do not fully buy the story as there is no sign of fishing equipment on board the junk, but there is diving equipment. Relic believes the worst: that they are modern day pirates. With John ...
28 Dec. 1986
Trial Balloon
Donna-Lee Douglas is another child around the local area and she enrolls the guide of local people to open a teenager club. Sal is passionately restricted, especially when she finds the Roberts Creek bikers are anticipating showing up. Visitors: William B. Davis as Dave Douglas; Gordon McIntosh as Biker; Sheila Moore as Mayor Tingsley; Elena Kirschner.
4 Jan. 1987
Not Just Another Pretty Face
The ladies of Gibsons are being exploited by a tote snatcher on haggles John chooses to battle fire with flame. Shockingly, John's bike riding astuteness is no match for the burglar, and John is constrained to attempt another methods for getting the handbag snatcher.
11 Jan. 1987
Plain Sailing
With the newspaper as sponsor, Sal organizes a sailing boat race. There will only be two entries as the race is an exhibition, primarily to preview the Kydaka, a new boat designed by a Toronto company, which is backed by an unknown syndicate. But the sentimental local favorite is the Pauline Johnson, a Vancouver based boat helmed by an all female crew. This sentimental favorite status is despite the antagonistic first meeting the Pauline Johnson's captain, Anna, has with Nick, Jesse and Relic. What everyone is unaware of is that Sal has ulterior motives for wanting ...
25 Jan. 1987
Free Ascent
Pat and Graham are trying to develop their own dive salvage business. As part of that end goal, they're out for a dive with Nick as their support. They come across a wreck, which surprises Nick as there is no known wreck in the dive area. Pat and Graham believe they have the potential to become rich if indeed the wreck is not one that has been claimed. Nick tries to help them with the red tape. That tape ends up being an obstacle as there is among other issues a one year waiting period to claim. In the meantime, Pat and Graham are not allowed to remove anything from ...
8 Feb. 1987
Homme Fatale
Married life bids to Con. John and with Nick's encoragement, he puts an individual advertisement in the neighborhood daily paper. He is not ready for the enthusiatic reaction, which definitely goes to his head. Be that as it may, John's heart is stolen by a lady who might similarly as soon have John's head on a platter.
15 Feb. 1987
Beyond the Limit
Late one evening, Pat ends up passed out on the road in front of Molly's Reach. Nick initially believes that Pat was run over, but soon learns that Pat is stone cold drunk and he fell out of the car an equally drunk Graham was driving. Pat is all right physically otherwise. Nick is able to stop Graham and take his car keys before he hurts anyone else. Nick chastises Pat for his behavior, but sees it nothing more that Pat being a typical teen-aged boy. The next day, Pat misses a job interview because he's hung over, but isn't too hung over to go out partying with his ...
22 Feb. 1987
By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Nick and Jesse spot a log on the beach at Mackerel Island. Once they get to the beach, they are met by an officious young man, Jaff, with a group of youth dressed in similar "uniforms". Jaff speaks cryptically about not allowing Nick to take the log or be on the private island as it would upset his boss and jeopardize his mission. Later back in Gibsons, Graham and Sara spot Pat, who was supposed to be in Vancouver visiting friends, getting into a speed boat with an unknown man. Although Pat heard their yelling after him, he goes off like he heard nothing. Based on ...
8 Mar. 1987
Coming Home Again: Part 1
At the request of a long time friend of Nick's, Nick and Jesse take a trip to Greece and a few familiar faces are seen there as well.
8 Mar. 1987
Coming Home Again: Part 2
At the request of a long time friend of Nick's, Nick and Jesse take a trip to Greece and a few familiar faces are seen there as well.

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