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4 Jan. 1987
Not Just Another Pretty Face
The ladies of Gibsons are being exploited by a tote snatcher on haggles John chooses to battle fire with flame. Shockingly, John's bike riding astuteness is no match for the burglar, and John is constrained to attempt another methods for getting the handbag snatcher.
11 Jan. 1987
Plain Sailing
With the newspaper as sponsor, Sal organizes a sailing boat race. There will only be two entries as the race is an exhibition, primarily to preview the Kydaka, a new boat designed by a Toronto company, which is backed by an unknown syndicate. But the sentimental local favorite is the Pauline Johnson, a Vancouver based boat helmed by an all female crew. This sentimental favorite status is despite the antagonistic first meeting the Pauline Johnson's captain, Anna, has with Nick, Jesse and Relic. What everyone is unaware of is that Sal has ulterior motives for wanting ...
25 Jan. 1987
Free Ascent
Pat and Graham are trying to develop their own dive salvage business. As part of that end goal, they're out for a dive with Nick as their support. They come across a wreck, which surprises Nick as there is no known wreck in the dive area. Pat and Graham believe they have the potential to become rich if indeed the wreck is not one that has been claimed. Nick tries to help them with the red tape. That tape ends up being an obstacle as there is among other issues a one year waiting period to claim. In the meantime, Pat and Graham are not allowed to remove anything from ...
8 Feb. 1987
Homme Fatale
Married life bids to Con. John and with Nick's encoragement, he puts an individual advertisement in the neighborhood daily paper. He is not ready for the enthusiatic reaction, which definitely goes to his head. Be that as it may, John's heart is stolen by a lady who might similarly as soon have John's head on a platter.
15 Feb. 1987
Beyond the Limit
Late one evening, Pat ends up passed out on the road in front of Molly's Reach. Nick initially believes that Pat was run over, but soon learns that Pat is stone cold drunk and he fell out of the car an equally drunk Graham was driving. Pat is all right physically otherwise. Nick is able to stop Graham and take his car keys before he hurts anyone else. Nick chastises Pat for his behavior, but sees it nothing more that Pat being a typical teen-aged boy. The next day, Pat misses a job interview because he's hung over, but isn't too hung over to go out partying with his ...
22 Feb. 1987
By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Nick and Jesse spot a log on the beach at Mackerel Island. Once they get to the beach, they are met by an officious young man, Jaff, with a group of youth dressed in similar "uniforms". Jaff speaks cryptically about not allowing Nick to take the log or be on the private island as it would upset his boss and jeopardize his mission. Later back in Gibsons, Graham and Sara spot Pat, who was supposed to be in Vancouver visiting friends, getting into a speed boat with an unknown man. Although Pat heard their yelling after him, he goes off like he heard nothing. Based on ...
8 Mar. 1987
Coming Home Again: Part 1
At the request of a long time friend of Nick's, Nick and Jesse take a trip to Greece and a few familiar faces are seen there as well.
8 Mar. 1987
Coming Home Again: Part 2
At the request of a long time friend of Nick's, Nick and Jesse take a trip to Greece and a few familiar faces are seen there as well.
4 Oct. 1987
Hooray for Mollywood
Everyone in town is enthralled with Molly's latest novel, which is a fictional account of life in Gibsons. They are so enthralled that they lose track of their regular day to day duties. Each is most excited by the larger than life depiction of the character who is based on him or herself. Their excitement grows when Hollywood director Mr. Palooka and his assistant Whitney come into town, they who are making a movie of the book and who seem to want to use the local person upon who the character is based to portray that character. As such, each person tries to act the ...
11 Oct. 1987
Disposable People
Sara becomes enthralled by Mother Teresa and her work. Sara believes her imminent beatification justified. Nick tries to encourage Sara to do her small part in making the world a better place through everyday kindness to others. What Sara ends up doing is inviting Didee, a homeless woman she just met, to dinner and to stay with her, Nick, Jesse and Laurel in the spare bedroom. Nick, Jesse and Laurel are taken aback enough by the dinner invitation, let alone the open invitation to stay for as long as she wants. The differing value systems of Didee on one side, and Nick, Jesse and ...
18 Oct. 1987
And in This Corner
Following fifteen years of unimportant quarreling amongst Nick and Relic, they at last go too far and the group requests a conclusion to it. As an outcome to especially muddled squabble, Nick and Relic are requested to complete twenty hours of group benefit - together. They are compelled to acknowledge this reality in the wake of painting themselves into inverse corners of the group lobby.
25 Oct. 1987
Sign of the Times
Jesse has had it. He feels that following 15 years he merits more regard from Nick than jst being dealt with as an 'enlisted hand'. Scratch is perplexed, especially when Jesse disssolves the association. Could Nick offer some kind of reparation before Jesse unites with Relic?
1 Nov. 1987
A Long Way Home
John requests Nick and Jesse to make a run to Lund - one full day in each direction - to transport cantankerous seventy-six year old Duffy Bingham to his son Lorrie Bingham's house. Fed up with living at the senior's boarding house, Duffy figured that living with Lorrie a better option. However, Duffy hasn't seen his son in close to twenty years, when Lorrie, then a hippie, got married. But after Lorrie inherited a fortune from his grandmother, he has since built a house on his private island. Jesse refuses this job because of its cargo as he and Duffy aren't on the ...
8 Nov. 1987
Sunday Drive
John is looking for an out of the way recreational property to buy to get away from his work stresses. Relic has a friend who has a small A-frame house on acreage he wants to sell. As such, the two are planning on taking a drive out to see it in the police cruiser. What Relic is unaware of is that John has asked Nick and Jesse to come along as a second and third pair of eyes. Relic isn't very happy as he believed he would have been able to con John, but he isn't able to con all three as when they eventually arrive at the very, very, very out of the way property off on...
20 Dec. 1987
Stars of Wonder
It's Christmas, and the festive holiday mood has hit most of the regulars of Molly's Reach as demonstrated by them being aboard the caroling ship which is circling the harbor. There are a few people however who are retreating from the Christmas holidays. One of those seemingly is Coug McCoy who came into town from his remote cabin to pick up supplies, but who, behind closed doors, is celebrating Christmas in his own special way. Another is Relic who is his old crotchety self, he who wants to get as far away from the caroling as possible. And yet another is a young ...
27 Dec. 1987
Freezer Full of Beef
Jesse is the only person excited to learn that he's won a contest, the prize being a freezer full of beef which should be able to feed his family for a year. His excitement turns to horror and his friends and family's indifference turns to amusement when he finds out that that freezer full of beef is still alive in the form of a live cow. Beyond the added cost of butchering the cow, Jesse learns that the butcher will not slaughter the cow, meaning that Jesse has to do it himself, or find someone to come out of the woodwork so to speak to do it for him. He does get a ...

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