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Season 1

12 Sep. 1970
Tiger Takes Off
The gang try and build a hovercraft though disaster strikes when Tiger gets trapped in it and ends up being chased all over town.
19 Sep. 1970
The Case of the Missing Doughnut
Brains invents a green sludge that will make people invisible. Unfortunately Doughnut thinks it's food, eats it, and actually becomes invisible. He decides to have some fun.
26 Sep. 1970
Get a Movie On
The gang decide to make a film to try and win £5000 in an amateur film competition. Luckily Doughnut has a new camera and some film.
3 Oct. 1970
Whilst autograph hunting at the gate of the local film studios, a glamorous star's dog escapes from her car. Chasing the dog leads the gang onto a war film set, a horror set and more.
10 Oct. 1970
Happy Haunting
On a visit to a stately home, Billie and Tiger get locked in the dungeons. Looking for them, everyone else gets separated and scared by the thought of the ghosts, especially Anne Boleyn's.
17 Oct. 1970
Summer Camp
When in the countryside on a caravan holiday, the gang antagonize two posh campers, first by blocking their way on the lane, then when their donkey wrecks the couple's tent. Then there's a massive rain storm.
24 Oct. 1970
The Pop Singer
The gang discover a down and out musician sleeping on their bus, so help him by changing his image, name and musical style, turning him from Sidney into The Cool Cavalier. Now they need to promote him.
31 Oct. 1970
Scooper Strikes Out
Whilst learning how to play baseball, Scooper get hit on the head with the ball, and drifts into an Alice in Wonderland fantasy nightmare.
7 Nov. 1970
Robbie the Robot
Brains creates a golf playing, dancing robot called Robbie for entry into a television show, though they use him to rescue Tiger's tiger from an angry man's garden who's already been pelted with Robbie's golf balls.
14 Nov. 1970
The Go-Karters
After having driven his go-kart on the road in a dangerous fashion, Spring is taken to court and charged with 6 motoring offenses. The gang as witnesses tell the Magistrate the story of how Spring came to that point.
21 Nov. 1970
A Helping Hound
The gang go and help Mrs Vickers before and during a visit by her evil landlord. Things as usual, don't go according to plan, so to help against her eviction, they do odd jobs to earn some money for her house repairs.
28 Nov. 1970
Invaders from Space
Whilst converting his black and white TV to colour, Brains and the gang receive a news report about an alien invasion from Planet 7. After decontaminating Doughnut they start fighting back, not realizing it's all a publicity stunt.
5 Dec. 1970
Tiger befriends Barney, a one-man band street musician. After constantly being moved on by a policeman, he hides out with the gang. After lots of fun and games, he leaves, and Tiger feels sad and takes it the hardest.
12 Dec. 1970
Man's Best Friend
Albert is collecting silver foil to make money for a guide dog for the blind. As he needs 30 sacks, he and the gang put on a comedy sketch show called the Ha Ha Show with the audience paying in silver foil.
19 Dec. 1970
United We Stand
Local shop owner Mr Beaumont wants to turn the gang's den into a car park to service his shop. When the workmen arrive to start clearing the yard, it's up to the Double Deckers to stop them.
26 Dec. 1970
Up to Scratch
When Billie brings back Scratch the dog to look after for a week, for which she's being paid £2, the gang get the idea to create a Holiday Home for Pets to earn some cash. Step up Mr Furber and his flea circus.
2 Jan. 1971
A Hit for a Miss
When a hot new female teacher starts at school, the boys all fantasize about her, though Billie sees her as a witch. When a charity musical show she is organizing loses it's rehearsal room, the boys offer up their place.

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