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Season 1

18 Sep. 1971
Two unsigned personal invitations will bring the titled Englishman, Lord Brett Sinclair and the self-made oil tycoon, the American Danny Wilde to Monaco for an encounter with a stunning brunette and the Mediterranean crime syndicate.
26 Jan. 1972
The Gold Napoleon
An attempt to assassinate an art student at the Côte d'Azur airport lead Brett and Danny to a syndicate smuggling gold in the form of counterfeit coins.
2 Oct. 1971
Take Seven
Brett and Danny find themselves engaged in a cat-and-mouse game of deceit and murder as a long-missing heir returns from the grave claiming a several-million-pound fortune. Is he a sibling or an impostor?
13 Nov. 1971
The noble, yet abandoned manor of Greensleeves is strangely restored unbeknownst to its rightful owner, Lord Brett Sinclair, who now needs to impersonate himself to get to the bottom of the mystery.
25 Sep. 1971
The unexplained drowning of a go-go dancer and former 500m swimming champion will have Brett and Danny searching for answers in the mansion of a very large international financier.
30 Oct. 1971
The Time and the Place
Danny accidentally finds the body of a dedicated political journalist in the estate of a right-wing British political candidate, but who would believe him when it mysteriously disappears?
27 Nov. 1971
Someone Like Me
Someone has gone to great trouble creating Lord Brett's flawless copy, who masquerades as his indistinguishable impersonator while in his absence. What is worth that endeavour and could Danny tell the difference between them?
19 Jan. 1972
Anyone Can Play
With a fail-proof betting system, Danny walks out of a Brighton's gambling club with a suitcase full of money, but when he is mistaken for a Soviet paymaster, things are bound to get hairy.
23 Oct. 1971
The Old, the New, and the Deadly
Once again, Danny's life is in grave danger as a newspaper photograph showing him carrying a case with a statuette of a German eagle will attract the attention of an ex-Nazi fanatical Count and his assassins.
8 Mar. 1972
Angie... Angie
Danny's in for a trip down memory lane when he bumps into a long-lost childhood buddy from the Bronx slums, but shortly, as bullets start flying all over the sun-kissed French Riviera, the masks will fall off.
16 Oct. 1971
Chain of Events
Things turn volatile when unexpectedly, Danny gets himself handcuffed to a much-wanted attaché case, sparking a relentless manhunt from both MI6 and Iron Curtain agents who need to recover the case at all costs.
3 Dec. 1971
That's Me Over There
It's high time the masks fell off and a crooked colossal entrepreneur finally got what he deserved. This is definitely a job suited to Lord Brett Sinclair, or better yet, a job suited to Danny impersonating Brett.
2 Feb. 1972
The Long Goodbye
Brett and Danny accidentally discover a plane wreckage, and with it, a low-cost, high-grade synthetic fuel formula, which attracts a parade of oil tycoons and "considerate" daughters, all claiming the formula.
9 Oct. 1971
The Man in the Middle
Someone inside the British Intelligence has turned traitor, but when Brett and Danny's efforts to smoke out the traitor are intercepted, Brett's faint-hearted cousin must come to his rescue.
1 Mar. 1972
Element of Risk
A concealed microfilm in a dark grey attaché case dropped inconspicuously in Danny's luggage trolley, will trigger a game of masquerade as unlucky Danny will need to play along and act as an undisputed American criminal mastermind.
4 Dec. 1971
A Home of One's Own
A derelict country cottage is Danny's latest investment, but apart from its great potential, the place comes with a reputation and an unexpected secret.
16 Feb. 1972
Five Miles to Midnight
On the run from the U.S. authorities and the Mob, an American gangster in Rome offers information expecting a reduced sentence, however, smuggling him out of the country will be no easy task for the Persuaders.
23 Feb. 1972
Nuisance Value
A blind double-date for Danny and Brett will eventually implicate the former in an outrageous case of abduction, when the spoiled offspring of a business tycoon will be kidnapped in broad daylight despite the valiant efforts to prevent it.
11 Dec. 1971
The Morning After
After last night's farewell party, Lord Brett wakes up in bad shape, married and in the middle of a political conspiracy that targets a Scandinavian Diplomat.
28 Jan. 1972
Read and Destroy
The Persuaders and every spy in the business are after a British Agent for his highly confidential memoirs, nevertheless, before retrieving the manuscripts, they must first find them.
12 Jan. 1972
A Death in the Family
Sadly, as a methodical assassin has been killing off the noble and honourable members of the Sinclair Clan one by one, Brett who is next in line, must find a way to flush him out, of course with the aid of Danny and a stunning Sinclair.
1 Jan. 1972
The Ozerov Inheritance
Two members of the once-proud Russian Aristocracy are in desperate need of Lord Brett and Daniel's assistance to establish their right to a jewellery collection of immense value, however, not without exciting discoveries on the way.
9 Feb. 1972
To the Death, Baby
The Persuaders vie for the attention of a gorgeous soap heiress who has fallen for the slippery charms of a deceiving con man, but in the end, who can really say that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow isn't an illusion after all?
18 Dec. 1971
Someone Waiting
As it appears, someone is going to great lengths to remind Brett and Danny the perils of the exciting world of motor racing, while in the meantime, the stinging innuendos of a grudge behind all this, will become a certainty.

 Season 1 

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