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  • Half-Indian, ex-Green Beret, and hapkido-expert Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin) takes the law into his own hands when locals near the Reservation where he lives are slaughtering wild horses for dog food and hassling the minority students at Freedom School, a progressive school run by Jean Roberts (Delores Taylor). When Barbara (Julie Webb), the teenage daughter of corrupt Deputy Sheriff Mike (Kenneth Tobey), takes refuge at the school after learning that she is pregnant, things begin to turn violent. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Billy Jack is the second movie in the Billy Jack series, preceded by The Born Losers (1967) (1967) and followed by The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) (1974), Billy Jack Goes to Washington (1977) (1977), and The Return of Billy Jack (1986) (uncompleted). The screenplay was written by American independent film-maker Tom Laughlin (who also directed and produced) and his wife, Delores Taylor. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Rattlesnakes can control the amount of venom they release on each bite, usually saving it for use on prey and "dry-biting" in defense situations. They may also be "milked" prior to being handled in order to eliminate the bulk of their toxin. The type of rattlesnake (there are 32 known species) also determines the aggressiveness and toxicity of a bite. Another factor is how soon after the bite the victim receives treatment. Put this all together, and it's possible that Billy was bitten six times by a previously-milked snake with a low toxin level biting dry in self-defense and that Billy received antitoxin or bite treatment immediately after the ceremony ended. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the context of the movie, the term "tin soldier" refers to someone who acts as a soldier without actually being one. The insinuation is that Billy Jack, once a Green Beret but no longer a soldier, continues to act as one when he proclaims himself the "law" on the reservation and protects the wild horses and the Freedom School. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Billy gives himself up on the condition that the school be allowed to operate without interference. that Jean will be named as Barbara's legal guardian, and that someone from the governor's office will hold a press conference every year to report the progress of the school. In the final scene, they take Billy away in handcuffs as the students raise their hands in protest. Edit (Coming Soon)


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