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The original UK cinema version was cut for violence and the later Warner video received 41 secs of cuts to horsefalls and the rape scene, though the print used was missing the shooting of the burning Indian and a shot of Jubal Hooker's face being hit with a rock. In 2004 most of the cuts were waived with only 14 seconds now missing to remove sight of horses being made to fall in a fashion that is prohibited under BBFC Policy and also by the Cinematograph (Animals) Act of 1937.
Comparison between VHS WARNER HOME VIDEO FRANCE EDITION 1986 / DVD REGION 1 MGM/UA. 1) Rape scene of Chato's wife can be found on two versions:
  • Director Michael Winner had shot 2 versions of the same scene: A cut "soft" version (Region 1 DVD MGM / UA) and another violent version version that can be seen on VHS French version.
  • In Warner Home video France VHS (1986 release):
  • The assaulters of Chato's wife are grabbing her and they're tearing her clothes off. Then they're carrying the mooned unlucky and completely naked woman into her house. In the next scene, she's tied up to a little tree by these brutes and she is lying down completely naked.
  • This passage is shown on Region 1 DVD but Chato's wife keeps her clothes on during the whole scene. She is also tied up afterwards but her body is completely covered up with a large blanket.
2) The scene when the body of Chato's friend is burning:
  • In VHS Warner Home Video FRANCE (1986 release), the corpse of the poor Native American is dragged on the floor past the corral front. His tormenters tie his feet and hang him from a beam. Then they start a fire with bushes to burn his body.
  • Witnessing this gruesome and barbarian show, character Captain Quincey Withmore played by Jack Palance loses his temper. He's heading enragedly towards the band of men surrounding the bushfire and draws his pistol and.....
  • The scene is cut bluntly, preventing us from knowing the end of the plot.
  • Is this new cut once more the result of censorship or was it made during the editing of the movie?
  • It still remains a mystery but this lobby card is the very evidence of its existence: http:/www.moviegoods.com/Assets/product_images/1020/23066.1020.A.jpg
  • In DVD Region 1 MGM/UA:
  • This scene is also shown on DVD but this time thanks to a very successful cut.
  • It is the famous scene with Jack Palance described above and that completely sank into the deep limbos of oblivion.
The German R2 MGM DVD (which has an English language track) is the full uncut version including the horsefalls cut by the BBFC for the UK release (there are 4 cuts, 3 when Chato ambushes the posse early on to scare them off and 1 later when he shoots Victor French's horse). This also shows Chato's friend being set on fire and Jack Palance shooting into his blazing body as a mercy killing (cut for R1 DVD as described above).

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