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The new 5.1 remix of the soundtrack on the restored Region 2 Special Edition release uses incorrect music cues for several scenes including the restored long flashback scene at the end, and edits out two expletives, one is uttered by Juan while talking to himself before attacking the bridge, the other spoken by John on the train. Both of these are intact in all other restored versions. The title of the restored version is now "Duck You Sucker" while the title on the cover remains "A Fistful of Dynamite".
The standard version available until recently in both the UK and USA was the cut 138m version that was trimmed by the distributors both for length and to obtain a PG certificate. A version touted as the director's cut was released on laserdisc and has also been shown on UK TV and on TCM in the USA. This version runs 154m. The major differences are:
  • uncut version begins with a quotation by Mao Tse Tung about "the revolution" and is followed by the opening shot of Rod Steiger urinating over an ants' nest.
  • the scene in which Steiger prepares to rape the bourgeois woman goes on longer and has more dialogue.
  • an additional scene, lasting about 5m, now appears immediately before James Coburn escapes from Steiger on the train. This has Steiger trick Coburn into killing his German capitalist employer. This scene makes it clearer that Coburn was an ex-revolutionary and that his previous comment that "one was enough for me" were true until Steiger forced his hand.
  • the scene in which Steiger discovers his family massacred runs 3m longer and is differently edited. In this version you only see the corpses at the end of the scene - in the short version spliced-in inserts of the bodies (taken from a later shot) have been inserted at the beginning of the scene.
  • extra footage of Steiger and Coburn hiding in the train with more crying from Steiger and additional footage of executions occurring outside - about 2m of this.
  • the voice-over line "what about me" is missing from the end of the film. The climatic flashback scene runs about 30s on laserdisc but was missing from the US TCM presentation
  • throughout the film there are various additional extra shots of violence re-inserted (e.g. Coburn shoots the British soldiers with David Warbeck an extra time in a flashback scene) and dialogue in which Steiger uses the F word has been re-inserted (the F word is used about 10 times in the long version but not at all in the short version)
The version of the film called Duck You Sucker ends with Juan saying "What about me?" while the version called A Fistful of Dynamite end with him not saying anything.
After initially releasing this film in a version cut to 138 minutes under the title "Duck, You Sucker", United Artists re-released the film in the U.S. and U.K. under the title "A Fistful of Dynamite" (with a small Duck You Sucker within parentheses under title), some prints of which running as short as 121 minutes.
In the original released version, just before Mallory blows himself up, he says 'Duck You Sucker', causing Miranda to turn around and yell 'John!'. In the restored version the last line of Mallory is gone.
The Italian version of the film, which has been screened at London's National Film Theatre, runs about 157m - the difference is that the climatic flashback scene runs about 3 minutes longer (only 30s in other prints or missing entirely) and shows Coburn getting jealous at the attention Warbeck is giving his girlfriend - thus giving a whole additional meaning to the betrayal sub-plot.
In the initial U.S. versions, when Juan is about to be executed by firing squad, he hears John's voice saying, "Duck, you sucker." In the restored version, he hears John's voice saying, "Short fuse."
The most recent submission of the film to the BBFC has been cut by 6 seconds. It removes 2 shots of horse tripping. Previousl releases are uncut and therefore the recent DVD release will be cut.

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