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Alternate Versions

The British network version aired on BBC2 in 1999 had several cuts, including a close-up of a cow being slaughtered during the opening sequence, the ending of the scene with Brandt Ruger and the chinese prostitute (he forces her into the bed and tortures her with his cigar), the death of one of Ruger's friends and some horsefalls when Frank Calder ambushes the hunting party and some shots of Hog Warren beating Melissa during the attempted rape.
The UK cinema and video versions were cut by 1 minute 43 secs by the BBFC to remove horse-falls and to edit the attempted rape scenes of Melissa, the slaughter of a cow, blood spurts from gunshot wounds, and Ruger's bedroom assault of a hooker with a candelabra and a cigar. The 2015 Final Cut DVD restored most of the previous edits, with only a 2 second cut made to remove a horse-fall.
The Spanish video version released in the early 1990s, which is the one usualy aired on Spanish TV, features all the shots and scenes missing from the above-mentioned British version. The Spanish version, though, misses some shots of the chinese protitute undressing in front of Brandt Ruger. Apparently, when the movie was first released in Spain in the early 1970s local censors removed all the shots portraying nudity. Some of the edited shots (but not all) were restored for the video version. The non-restored shots are:
  • A shot of the prostitute starting to pull down her dress, thus showing her breasts.
  • A shot of Ruger using a chandelier to light his cigar.
  • The beginning of a shot of Ruger approaching the girl with the chandelier in his left hand. In this version, when the shot starts Ruger is close enough to the girl for the chandelier to cover her breasts. The line spoken by Ruger during this shot ("You're gonn'a show me the best god dammed time I ever had.") also misses the words "You're gonn'a show me the...", which are spoken during the missing part of the shot. (Of course, this can not be heard in the dubbed version).
  • A scene set in an open car of the train where Ruger tells Gunn how angry he feels about his wife being kidnapped is also missing from this version (only the opening shot of the moving train remains).

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