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21 Jan. 1973
Franz und Ernst
The closely knit comrades at Jochen's tool factory have hoped that one of their own, Franz, would be promoted, after some training, to replace the recently deceased foreman.But their office manager prefers to bring in an outsider, which causes tensions in the workplace.
18 Feb. 1973
Harald und Monika
Prodded by a visit from Marion's strict mother, Jochen plans to marry Marion.Whereas tensions growing between Monika and the overly bossy Harald lead Monika to consider divorce.Many of the characters we have come to know over the previous three episodes meet up, and pair off in interesting combinations, at a drunken party.
18 Mar. 1973
Irmgard und Rolf
With the news the tool factory is relocating to a more remote part of town, Jochen and Marion ask if they can switch apartments with Kathe and Wolf, to be closer to their respective jobs.And with this new inconvenience, the workers at the factory decide to come up with a list of demands, including the impractical-sounding proposal that they arrange their own schedule rather than have it dictated to them by the bosses.

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