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Season 5

23 Sep. 1976
The First Edition
John-Boy publishes his first newspaper. It includes a story about Ben's troubles. Olivia is mad. But John-Boy has to publish the story to follow his convictions.
30 Sep. 1976
The Vigil
Grandma is sick and Mary Ellen misdiagnosis the ailment. Grandma has to go to the hospital and Mary Ellen realizes she has a lot to learn.
7 Oct. 1976
The Comeback
Jason's scholarship at the music academy is canceled. He gets a job at the Dew Drop Inn. Red Turner, who lost his son in an earlier episode, is talked into performing at the Dew Drop.
14 Oct. 1976
The Baptism
A famous evangelist visits Walton's Mountain to preach and baptize converts. He is too much of a fire and brimstone preacher for John's taste.
21 Oct. 1976
The Firestorm
John Boy publishes excerpts from Hitler's writing in his newspaper and the town is upset. The town wants to hold a burn book party, but John-Boy makes them realize how wrong they are.
28 Oct. 1976
The Nightwalker
An unknown person is walking around Walton's Mountain at nights and causing worry. Ike opens Godsey's Hall and Jason decides to hold a community dance. The town meets the unknown stranger and welcomes him in.
4 Nov. 1976
The Wedding: Part 1
Mary Ellen is engaged to Dr David Spencer and they plan the wedding. Dr Curtis Willard arrives to be the town doctor. Mary Ellen begins to have second thoughts about her engagement.
4 Nov. 1976
The Wedding: Part 2
Mary Ellen is engaged to Dr David Spencer and they plan the wedding. Dr Curtis Willard arrives to be the town doctor. Mary Ellen begins to have second thoughts about her engagement.
11 Nov. 1976
The Cloudburst
A mining company comes to town and wants to buy land. They make it sound helpful to the community and John-Boy and the Godseys sell their land. John-Boy finds out the truth and tells the neighbors not to sell their land.
18 Nov. 1976
The Great Motorcycle Race
Jim-Bob fixes up Ike's old motorcycle and enters a motorcycle race. The Godseys look into adopting a baby.
2 Dec. 1976
The Pony Cart
Martha Corrine, Grandpa's sister in law, comes to the mountain to visit. She helps Ben build a pony cart.
9 Dec. 1976
The Best Christmas
Olivia wants this Christmas to be the best ever. Everything seems to happen to prevent this.
16 Dec. 1976
The Last Mustang
A wild mustang is captured on Walton land and Grandpa wants it to remain be and remain free. Meanwhile, it is sheriff election time and John-Boy writes about the candidates. Ep is up for re-election.
23 Dec. 1976
The Rebellion
Another woman begins to play the church organ instead of Grandma which upsets Grandma. Olivia is restless and decides to get a perm with terrible results.
6 Jan. 1977
The Ferris Wheel
Elizabeth has nightmares about being trapped on a Ferris wheel. Something happened to her when she was younger. Meanwhile, Ben is worried about being short.
13 Jan. 1977
The Elopement
The forestry student who previously visited Waltons Mountain (in "The Competition") now returns, and asks Erin to marry him.
20 Jan. 1977
John's Crossroad
John takes a job away from home to make more money. At the job, everyone in the office fears the manager who makes life miserable for all. John leaves because it is no way to live or work. Elizabeth is a tomboy.
27 Jan. 1977
The Career Girl
Erin graduates from high school still having no direction for her life. Gets a job at school to buy a typewriter for John-Boy.
3 Feb. 1977
The Hero
The Waltons find out Sheriff Ep is a decorated war hero and John-Boy wants to write about it. Ep wants to keep it quiet. Also, an old friend of Ep's comes to visit. Jim-Boy likes to talk to her about cars and war.
10 Feb. 1977
The Inferno
John-Boy won the right to accompany news reporters to a news event - the Hindenburg. Sees it burst into flames.
17 Feb. 1977
The Heartbreaker
Curtis Willard's sister left her husband to pursue a singing career. Visits Curtis. Jason falls in love with her and helps her with singing.
24 Feb. 1977
The Long Night
Grandma is in the hospital and Grandpa wants to bring her home. He is forbidden to visit in the hospital because she needs her rest. (Ellen Corby in real life had a stroke and was not able to perform.)
3 Mar. 1977
The Hiding Place
A Baldwin relative visits. John-Boy wants to interview her about events in Europe. She wants to forget. Jason joins the National Guard and Olivia is upset.
10 Mar. 1977
The Go-Getter
John and Ben again come to blows about work at the mill. Ben quits and becomes a used-car salesperson. Does a good job - but with questionable sales tactics. Has to make the car sales right.
17 Mar. 1977
The Achievement
John-Boy sent his novel to a publisher and does not hear anything. He travels to New York to get an update. They like his novel and will publish it.

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