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6 Jan. 1977
The Ferris Wheel
Elizabeth has nightmares about being trapped on a Ferris wheel. Something happened to her when she was younger. Meanwhile, Ben is worried about being short.
13 Jan. 1977
The Elopement
The forestry student who previously visited Waltons Mountain (in "The Competition") now returns, and asks Erin to marry him.
20 Jan. 1977
John's Crossroad
John takes a job away from home to make more money. At the job, everyone in the office fears the manager who makes life miserable for all. John leaves because it is no way to live or work. Elizabeth is a tomboy.
27 Jan. 1977
The Career Girl
Erin graduates from high school still having no direction for her life. Gets a job at school to buy a typewriter for John-Boy.
3 Feb. 1977
The Hero
The Waltons find out Sheriff Ep is a decorated war hero and John-Boy wants to write about it. Ep wants to keep it quiet. Also, an old friend of Ep's comes to visit. Jim-Boy likes to talk to her about cars and war.
10 Feb. 1977
The Inferno
John-Boy won the right to accompany news reporters to a news event - the Hindenburg. Sees it burst into flames.
17 Feb. 1977
The Heartbreaker
Curtis Willard's sister left her husband to pursue a singing career. Visits Curtis. Jason falls in love with her and helps her with singing.
24 Feb. 1977
The Long Night
Grandma is in the hospital and Grandpa wants to bring her home. He is forbidden to visit in the hospital because she needs her rest. (Ellen Corby in real life had a stroke and was not able to perform.)
3 Mar. 1977
The Hiding Place
A Baldwin relative visits. John-Boy wants to interview her about events in Europe. She wants to forget. Jason joins the National Guard and Olivia is upset.
10 Mar. 1977
The Go-Getter
John and Ben again come to blows about work at the mill. Ben quits and becomes a used-car salesperson. Does a good job - but with questionable sales tactics. Has to make the car sales right.
17 Mar. 1977
The Achievement
John-Boy sent his novel to a publisher and does not hear anything. He travels to New York to get an update. They like his novel and will publish it.
15 Sep. 1977
The Hawk
A hawk is attacking the Waltons' chickens. Grandpa and Jim-Bob try to catch it. Also, a new minister joins the community.
22 Sep. 1977
The Stray
The Waltons find a 12 year old runaway in their barn. He fits into the family and they want to keep him - but he is black. It would never work out with the way society is. Josh is adopted by Verdie.
29 Sep. 1977
The Recluse
Jason helps a woman named Fern; she is withdrawn from the world because of a past relationship. He helps her come out of the shell. Meanwhile, Ben goes to find work in Norfolk.
13 Oct. 1977
The Warrior
An elderly Indian and his grandson visit the mountain to find their family burial ground. It is on the Waltons' land.
20 Oct. 1977
The Seashore
The Waltons visit the seashore and stay at the Baldwin's beach home. An English girl is staying there. Meanwhile Ben stays home, hoping to enjoy time alone. He is anything but alone.
27 Oct. 1977
The Volunteer
GW Haines proposes to Erin. She says no. GW joins the army. Meanwhile, Rover, the family peacock, is in heat and making a lot of noise.
3 Nov. 1977
The Grandchild
Mary Ellen gives birth to the Waltons' first grandchild, John Curtis Willard. However, Cassie, a lonely and superstitious teenage neighbor whose premature baby girl was stillborn, believes John Curtis was sent to replace her own baby and she kidnaps him. It is up to Olivia to gently explain to Cassie that someday Cassie will have another baby, but that John Curtis is really Mary Ellen's.
10 Nov. 1977
The First Casualty
GW Haines is in the army. Dies at camp. He left a will, where he left his land to Erin. She is hurt at the loss.
17 Nov. 1977
The Battle of Drucilla's Pond
Soldiers practice war at Drusilla's pond. Corabeth teaches a tap dance routine to Elizabeth and Aimee. They put on a show.
1 Dec. 1977
The Flight
Jim-Bob meets a boy who is on his way to join the Air Corps, but the boy never actually leaves. Turns out he is a runaway. Meanwhile, Elizabeth misses Grandma, and thus builds a grandmotherly relationship with Maude Gormley.
8 Dec. 1977
The Children's Carol
As Christmas approaches, Mary Ellen and the baby leave to be near Curt; the Baldwins shelter two children from England; Verdie bakes and sells cakes to raise money for the needy overseas.
15 Dec. 1977
The Milestone
Olivia becomes emotional (menopausal symptoms) and runs away from home to visit a relative. Jim-Bob tries to get a job dishonestly.
22 Dec. 1977
The Celebration
The Waltons have one remaining payment on their mortgage. John and the family rush to complete one big lumber job to pay it off. As they celebrate, Ike Godsey faces financial trouble. The Waltons help Ike.

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