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Gert Fröbe: Mr. Kessel


  • Mr. Kessel : [seeing Miss Devine's heavily-loaded grocery bag]  Ahhhh, Fraulein! Soooo much to eat for such a little girl

    Dawn Divine : [giggling]  I have no willpower!

  • [with the Candy Man and the Major looking on, Sarge is on the phone with Mr. Kessell trying to get Joe's home address] 

    Sarge : [into the phone; cheerful tone]  So anyway, I go to the hotel to get my baggage and it isn't here.


    Sarge : Yeah, those stupid mothers never put it on the connecting plane to Munich. Now get this, my address book is inside the missing suitcase. So here we are with no way to contact my old friend Joe without knowing where he lives.

    Mr. Kessel : [into the phone]  His number is not listed. I don't like to give out private numbers. But if you have his phone number anyway why...

    Sarge : [into the phone; cutting Kessel off]  No, no, I can't phone him because that way we can't suprise him.

    Mr. Kessel : [into the phone]  Surprise him?

    Sarge : [into the phone]  Yeah, it's sort of a... going away party. Didn't Joe tell you anything?

    Mr. Kessel : [into the phone]  I only know that tomorrow is his last day at the bank. All right.

    Sarge : [into the phone as he writes down the address]  Yeah, go ahead. Fifty-six, what? Uh... yeah, I got it. Well, thanks a million pal. Good bye.

    [Sarge hangs up and then rises to his feet to face the Candy Man and the Major] 

    Sarge : [serious tone]  Let's go to a surprise party.

  • Mr. Kessel : [almost hysterically at the thought of Joe's being locked inside the vault all night]  Fraulein SCHMIDT!

    Fraulein Schmidt : [in calm cheerfulness]  Yes, Sir?

    Mr. Kessel : Ze KEECE!

    Fraulein Schmidt : [holding up the small keyring in naive confidence]  Don't vorry, Sir - - I have zhem!

    Mr. Kessel : [incoherently manipulating his lips in desperation at being at a loss for words or ideas]  Ze keece only open ze lock from INSIDE ZE VAULT!

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