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Sex & Nudity

  • There are often breasts and butts (male and female) visible, and a lot of groping and moaning. Some female pubic hair is visible.
  • A lot of objects, including the spaceship, some "penis-saurus" monsters, guns, and helmets, are shaped like a penis.
  • In the throne room, there is an orgy of fully nude people having oral sex and intercourse, where a lot of breasts, butts, penises, and vaginas are visible while people thrust and moan.
  • A few women have fake penises.
  • At the wedding, a lot of fully nude males and females stand around, butts, penises, breasts, and pubic hair visible.
  • A female inspects other females who are mostly nude, talking about their nipples and touching them. Breasts, pubic hair, and some labia visible. One of the females grinds on another female, licking her nipples and putting her breasts in the other's face. She then puts her crotch in the other's face, forcing oral sex.
  • The emperor hides something up a woman's vagina. As Flesh tries to retrieve it using his hand, the woman moans.
  • There are rapist robots with penis drills.

Violence & Gore

  • Some monsters and robots attack the humans, and some fighting, but little blood or gore.


  • A lot of sexual dialogue, including the frequent use of "porno" (a planet's name), guards being called "Dildo", and a character named "Jerk Off".
  • Some infrequent foul language like "son of a bitch" and the "f" word.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Perhaps the penis-like creatures that popped out of the ground during one scene will frighten some.

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