High Plains Drifter (1973) Poster

Billy Curtis: Mordecai



  • [last scene: the stranger is on his way out of town. He stops at the cemetary, where Mordecai is chiseling a gravestone] 

    Mordecai : I'm just about done here.


    Mordecai : I never did know your name...

    The Stranger : Yes, you do.

    [Mordecai stares at the stranger, confused] 

    The Stranger : Take care.

    Mordecai : [salutes]  Yes, sir, captain!

    [the Stranger rides away. The camera pans back to reveal the writing on the gravestone: "MARSHAL JIM DUNCAN - REST IN PEACE"] 

  • The Stranger : Wonder what took her so long to get mad?

    Mordecai : Because maybe you didn't go back for more?

  • Mordecai : What about after we do it?

    The Stranger : Hmm?

    Mordecai : What do we do then?

    The Stranger : Then you live with it.

  • Mordacai : What did you say your name was again?

    The Stranger : I didn't.

    Mordecai : No. I guess you didn't at that, did you?

  • Lutie Naylor : [the stranger has bought a round for the house]  Let's see, one round for the house plus the smoke; that comes to about eight dollars and fifty cents.

    Sheriff Dan Shaw : [chuckling]  There's no charge Lutie; you were at the meeting, anything he wants.

    Lutie Naylor : I didn't know that mean free whiskey!

    Sheriff Dan Shaw : Everybody's got to put something in the kitty.

    The Stranger : [Reaches over a takes off Shaw's badge and pins it on Mordecai]  'Bout time this town had a new sheriff.

    Mordacai : I'm the new sheriff!

    [looks around the saloon] 

    Mordacai : I'm the new sheriff!

    Mayor Jason Hobart : [laughing]  I'm sorry, Dan; but you should have seen the look on your face when he took off your badge and pinned it on the runt.

    Mordacai : I'm not a runt anymore; I'm the new sheriff!

    The Stranger : [reaches over and takes off the mayor's hat and puts it on Mordecai]  And the mayor. Any objections?

    Mayor Jason Hobart : Uh, no.

  • Mordecai : All right, everybody grab a brush and start in!

    Mayor Jason Hobart : You mean you want the whole place painted?

    The Stranger : Everything.

    Preacher : You can't possibly mean the church, too?

    The Stranger : I mean *especially* the church.

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